Fabbri Group – South Africa Edition

Fabbri Group – South Africa Edition

Over 70 years of active market experience make Fabbri Group a renowned leader in the manufacture and sale of machines and films for fresh and ultra-fresh food packaging (typically red meat, poultry, fish, cheese, fruit, vegetables, sauces, ready meals, sweets…).

Thanks to over 35,000 machines installed globally and several thousands of tons of film produced per year, Fabbri Group advises and supports more than 2,500+ companies worldwide, and preserves the freshness of more than 15 billion packs commercialized every year on the total market.

Fabbri Group’s winning strategy comes from a combined supply of machines and films, completed by an extensive network of experienced, qualified, multilingual technical teams.

Fabbri’s wide offer includes automatic stretch wrappers, tray-sealers, traditional, biobased and compostable stretch or barrier films, which can be neutral and/or printed according to the different applications.

All Fabbri solutions can be used as stand-alone, in combination with all most popular packaging equipment on the market, or as a whole composite packaging system.

Fabbri Group caters for everyone (retail, industry, brand-owners, and big to small food processors), covering with care all food markets: main objective for Fabbri’s R&D Dept. is offering safe and effective solutions at improved sustainability and performance, as proven by the more than 130 active patents related to both machines and films projects.

Environment, we care!

Fabbri Group’s attention has always revolved around the concept of sustainability: since the beginning, our mission has always been to “preserve without waste”. We focus on preserving food products and extending their shelf-life thanks to the most appropriate and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions. Related to films in particular, Fabbri Group recognises and protects the value of resources by developing different food packaging solutions in all the most required materials by the different markets worldwide, all of them in their most sustainable form.

Performance products for every need

Elixa: this range of stretch wrappers is ideal for retail and small packaging centers (productivity from 14 to 35 ppm)

Automac: these high-speed stretch wrappers answer all most stringent needs from the food industry (productivity from 40 to 90 ppm)

The Elixa and Automac equipment can be both optimally integrated with all major weigh-pack-label solutions available on the market.

Stretch and lid films in different formulations, layouts (plain or printed) and materials (traditional, biobased, compostable) according to the various applications.

Automatic tray-sealers for the food industry and retail. These machines can be adapted into complete customised lines for packaging solid, liquid and semi-liquid products, such as pasta, ready meals, hamburgers, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, olives, pickled vegetables, sauces, pizzas, desserts, candies…

Some new features of Fabbri’s offer:

Fabbri Hybrid: The stretch wrapping solution able to handle any kind of materials (traditional, biobased, compostable), ideal for multiple productions or for a gradual transition to sustainable packaging.

Nature Fresh: The innovative and multi-awarded cling film with domestic and industrial/commercial compostability certification according to EN 13432 and ASTM 6400 Standards. In its “cutterbox” version for manual packaging, Nature Fresh is highly appreciated and perfect for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

European-based Italian excellence requested worldwide

1 head office located in Vignola (Modena, Italy)

4 production plants (3 in Italy, 1 in Switzerland)

4 Italian seats and 5 foreign subsidiaries for commercial and technical assistance (Switzerland, France, Germany, UK, Russia)

Active in around 90 countries worldwide

A hundred dealer companies and authorised service centres

Voluntary Certifications: Quality, Environment, Health & Safety

Companies within Fabbri Group also boast the following certifications:

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System (Gruppo Fabbri Vignola S.p.A., Gruppo Fabbri Svizzera S.A., Fabbri Group France S.A.S.)

ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System (Gruppo Fabbri Vignola S.p.A., Gruppo Fabbri Svizzera S.A.)

EMAS Regulation EU no. 2018/2026 (Gruppo Fabbri Vignola S.p.A.)

ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System (Gruppo Fabbri Vignola S.p.A.)

For more information and offers:

Info: www.gruppofabbri.com

Offers: sales@gruppofabbri.com

LinkedIn: https://it.linkedin.com/company/fabbrigroup

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@Fab bri-Group