Newtec Labelling Srl – South Africa Edition

Newtec Labelling Srl – South Africa Edition

To take advantage of the opportunities offered by an ever-changing market, you need machines that can evolve and adapt readily to every challenge. For 40 years, Newtec Labelling has been building label application machines with an eye on tomorrow, and is at the customer’s side at all times to help them achieve their goals.

The machines are used in the beverage, wine, spirits, detergents, cosmetics, milk and oil sectors, where they enable the packaging of products in line with customer requirements.

The new-generation modular construction guarantees flexibility for future requirements. Advanced technology and ease of use allow labels to be applied to any type of surface in a uniform and professional manner. Newtec Labelling models can handle a wide range of product formats and label sizes, guaranteeing maximum precision and speed in the labelling process.

Newtec Labelling offers linear and rotary type machines. These can be equipped with multiple applicator units: wet glue, for self-adhesive labels, for hot melt pre-cut labels, for OPP roll feed labels.

Over the past few years, the machines have been enriched with new technological features. Thanks to advanced software studies, it is now possible to apply labels in a centred position with respect to logos, screen prints, glass mould sealing, just by turning the container in front of a camera. Likewise, it is possible to check that the labels are applied in the exact position and are of the correct type. At all times the machine communicates with the line’s central computer system, and is remotely accessible in case it needs assistance from Newtec Labelling specialist technicians. Hourly production rates vary, depending on the model, from 1,000 to 70,000 bph.

The machines are equipped with all standards of operator safety, which is guaranteed even at maximum productivity.

Newtec Labelling is present worldwide through an extensive network of agents.

Contact Newtec Labelling today to discover all its customized solutions and find the perfect automatic labelling machine for your needs. Newtec Labelling is ready to help you take your production to the next level.