Ocrim Spa – South Africa Edition

Ocrim Spa – South Africa Edition

OCRIM, innovation hub

The company OCRIM, headquartered in Cremona, is globally renowned as a reliable partner for the construction and supply of milling, feed, and cereal processing plants, as well as end-of-line plants. Its commitment in research, customer care, training and communication has always been an incentive for innovative and productive teamwork.

In Cremona, Ocrim boasts two large sites, due to the ever-increasing insourcing of processing: The original headquarters in Via Massarotti, which houses offices and parts of its production factories, and the premises at the industrial area of the city for some important production and logistics departments, and not far, there is also the Milling Hub created jointly with Bonifiche Ferraresi, is meant to strengthen Italian agro-food supply chain by offering food industries without milling plant the chance of using a customized plant, as well as the technical and technological knowledge of OCRIM team.

Turnkey projects are one of OCRIM’s strong points, supplied in tailor-made solutions, increasingly welcomed by international customers who decide to rely on a single partner who can guarantee a high professional level and respect programmed time. OCRIM is an irreplaceable partner also for the supply of machines only, and in milling plant upgrade/modernization.

The FBC department designs and manufactures end-of-line plants for palletization and packaging of bags and other packing, supplied turnkey and personalized upon customer’s requirements. Today, it is fully integrated in OCRIM and further piece to complete the industrial chain, which means internalizing all processes, thus guaranteeing a traced, controlled, and certified Italian Made product.

OCRIM’s versatility and seriousness have been further highlighted at the beginning of 2024, thanks to the acquisition of the company SIMA of Treviso, specializing in storage system design and construction for more than thirty-five years. All that grounds on shared values, such as honesty, reliability, team feeling and availability, and above all, attention to Human Capital.

OCRIM has always been an attentive and well-prepared supplier of storage plants, and this partnership adds further and crucial element not only to “The Italian Agri-Food Chain Choice”, of which OCRIM is one of the main players, but also to the increasingly complete production chain.

OCRIM’s reliability is also evidenced by an important agreement reached with Italian company Molitecnica Srl, to build nixtamalized flour plants for tortilla, snacks and chips production. These products are mainly part of Central and Southern America’s food culture, but also highly appreciated and consumed all over the world. OCRIM will supply its process machines for these plants, thus guaranteeing high performance in line with the targets set.

With the goal of supplying long-lasting milling plants and efficient high-quality services, OCRIM proposes increasingly innovative solutions in terms of sanitation, reduction of energy consumption, maximization of technological results of the plants, and reduction of operating and maintenance costs down to the minimum.

In fact, as for strategies and management related to maintenance and improvement of technological results, OCRIM has introduced the Modular Mill Concept, an innovative technology that enables stopping some parts of the grinding section, for any reason (ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, or else), while letting another run, thus granting uninterrupted specific production. This solution is chosen and highly appreciated by many customers thanks to the benefits it generates.

As far as automation is concerned, OCRIM plays the role of direct reference, thus avoiding external bodies for the study and implementation of plant management systems.

The general automation package @mill, which includes many application packets, the innovative @rollermills, which enables controlling the mills remotely via tablet, and the Immersive Reality are futuristic solutions created to improve and simplify the work activities of those in the milling sector.

In addition, OCRIM also offers its customers comprehensive support with its innovative Service, and its customers can be granted specialised after-sales technical support in real time, and can easily and quickly require their own. This state-of-the-art approach to customer service sets this company apart in the milling industry, offering timely and customised solutions for every need.

OCRIM also excels in terms of training and higher education, in fact, thanks to the extensive training experience of OCRIM International School of Milling Technology, active since 1965, and in line with the Milling Hub initiative, the Milling Hub Masterclass training hub has been established. This hub enriches the training with an innovative perspective. Access to the Masterclass is reserved to previously trained technicians only, with proven expertise, as to guarantee a high-degree training. 360° advanced training focusing on the knowledge of seeds, through cereal and pulses processing, to finished product sales.

Cremona canal port – Milling Hub – roller mills floor

On account of this corporate positive development, OCRIM’s R&D department is committed to experimenting new strategies and state-of-the-art projects can be broadly acknowledged as unique in the milling sector and in full harmony with the innovation the company has been experiencing. The partnership between OCRIM and some prestigious Italian universities is further strengthened, broadly contributing to get valuable results for the milling sector in general.

OCRIM’s communication instruments mean to finetune the corporate language to the new trends.

The company boasts considerable visibility through both national and international sector publications, via its LinkedIn and Instagram profiles, and three Internet websites: the corporate website www.ocrim.com, one dedicated to the company’s museum www.ocrimcore.com, one dedicated to the blog www.ai-lati.com, strongly wanted by OCRIM as a real information provider for the entire The Italian Agri-Food Chain Choice chain, and therefore for its member companies.

In 2020, the company’s media department was greatly and successfully developed with the start of highly technical-scientifical Webinars into the milling world. Yet, the real novelty arrived at the end of 2022 with the new format O-News Live, a TV news hosted by three OCRIM employees, whose stage is the new O-Theatre, a space that OCRIM strongly wanted for events like this, as well as for meetings with customers. In addition to this, OCRIM also continues offering its customers tailored solutions featuring customized machines, participates in events such as “Wheat, flour, and …”, and welcome its guests at O|HOUSE, a historic residence in the center of Cremona, and at O|FARMHOUSE, a farmstead typical of the Cremona area, renovated and inaugurated on occasion of the company’s event “Wheat, flour and …” 2022). Those are the events and projects created to provide a close-up view of a company that is continuously and constantly evolving.

Superior – the compact mill by OCRIM

Superior is a compact mill representing a strategic and smart investment that offers safe and versatile productive solutions for an excellent final product. Pre-assembled at OCRIM warehouse, Superior reduces the costs of a dedicated multi-level building and bureaucracy expense for urbanization works, and offers high energy performance for reduced production and management costs.

Meant for customers with different entrepreneurial courses, Superior is suitable for people approaching the milling world for the first time as well as for those who want a compact plant to extend or diversify their offer, without revolutionizing their industrial production.

Create in the 1950s, Superior is a state-of-the-art engineering icon that has highly contributed to OCRIM’s industrial development internationally.

The mill offers the possibility to personalize its technical, technological, and design equipment, with four different solutions available: Passion, Natural, Gold, and Style. Back to OCRIM home in a futuristic shape, from the technological and design points of view, Superior has generated great interest and significant demand, as to persuade OCRIM to create dedicated Internet website (www.ocrimsuperior.com) and e-mail address (info@ocrimsuperior.com) for information and request, accompanied by a as well as a brochure that fully conveys the elegance of this compact mill.

OPARTS: Ocrim’s world is just a click away

OCRIM launched the innovative platform www.oparts-shop.com, an e-commerce portal with interactive catalogues where spare parts for milling plants can be bought.

The entire website has been designed with the customer in mind. The aim is to ensure the best user experience in terms of ease of navigation, speed, and intuitiveness.

The is available worldwide and allows customers to directly purchase milling products 24 hours a day via certified international payment circuits.

The portal is structured in two parts: a B2B e-commerce platform for the immediate and direct purchase of milling plant articles, and a customised section for loyal customers with interactive catalogues. In the latter area, the user’s machine catalogues are uploaded for browsing, with the relevant serial number, table, and bill of materials so that users can find and order both specific and custom-made spare parts.

The reserved area has been specifically designed both for new and long-standing customers. The goal is optimising the flow of information and improving customer service when purchasing specific spare parts for OCRIM machines. Customers can browse the various catalogues in several ways, making the ordering process easier and quicker, thus minimising the chance of error when searching for a specific component.

Thanks to this portal, with just a few clicks, the user can choose and order the spare parts he needs for his machine, by selecting them directly from the table and order, and also find dedicated promos in the “My Area” and keep track of requests and orders at all times.

For more information visit www.oparts-shop.com or e-mail to info@ocrim.com for more details and to receive a brochure about this service.