Pellacini Engineering Srl – South Africa Edition

Pellacini Engineering Srl – South Africa Edition

PELLACINI toward sustainability

The Pellacini family began their operations at the end of the 19th century in Parma, in what is today known as the Food Valley. Pellacini Engineering has been a key player in all the growth phases of this sector, focusing its production activities exclusively on the processing industry for over a century. Only authentic, specific, and in-depth know-how enables the offering of effective solutions for productivity, safety, and economic and environmental sustainability.

Pellacini Engineering has always been focused on the food processing sector, on the customer, and on the project, due to its new exclusive production method: the “Pellacini Tailoring System.” This system eliminates costly production constraints and allows for the creation of tailor-made equipment that perfectly suits each customer. Production is entrusted to carefully selected workshops specialized in single processes.

If we want fruit to have a long life, we must preserve and respect the earth that produces it. That’s why Pellacini Engineering is now directing its research towards sustainability, as evidenced by its well-established projects for the recovery of production waste and the production of pulpers and refiners with rotating sieves.

With its specific experience, gained over more than a century, Pellacini Engineering effectively responds to the global food processing sector, which demands technologies attentive to energy and production efficiency, as well as environmental aspects.

The historic Pellacini technology is extremely flexible, reliable, easy to maintain, updated, and present in the major international markets: Europe, South America, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East.

Pellacini’s production ranges in many fields of the process industry, producing and designing machines and plants for:

Fruit single strength purees and pulps, nectars, natural fruit juices and flat drinks, jams and concentrates, both of fruit in a temperate and tropical climate

Tomato paste, “passata”, pizza sauce, tomato pulp and cubes

Other tomato derivatives, such as ketchup, spicy sauce and different sauces

Vegetable sauces, pepper sauces, baby food, canned legumes, harissa sauce

Production lines of clear and cloudy juice starting from fresh product or purea

Pasteurization, sterilization and aseptic filling treatments for:

Liquid, dense and semi-dense products, products in pieces, fruit and tomatoes cut up to 25 mm, in flexible aseptic bags of 200 kg (Bag- in-drum) or 1000 kg (Bag-in-bin)