Tecno 3 Srl – South Africa Edition

Tecno 3 Srl – South Africa Edition

For two generations, TECNO 3 has been technical partners of the best confectionery companies

TECNO3 is an Italian entrepreneurial reality, a reference point for technological innovation in the confectionery industry to provide complete industrial solutions for:

Cocoa bean processing (from cleaning to alkalinisation)

Nut processing (from cleaning to dried fruit paste)

Chocolate production (from dosing and mixing to conching)

Production of fat creams (from dosing and mixing to the finished product)

Continuous dosing and mixing (for the characterisation of chocolate, compounds, fat creams and pastes)

Melting of loaves of fat, anhydrous and hydrated butter, chocolate and cocoa mass

TECNO 3’s competitive strength is research and development, based on a deep understanding of production processes to continuously increase the value of its plants, focusing on the needs of the food industry to design, engineer and deliver turnkey plants based on new technological knowledge.

TECNO 3 optimises business performance for long-term value creation and more efficient process management:

Reorganisation of the production layout in a Lean Transformation path to significantly reduce delivery times

Strengthening the TECNO 3 team to ensure a high rating thanks to industrial know-how and the ISO 9001 certified quality system

Integration of Lean Thinking principles to continue to raise the level of products and services offered, maximise plant performance and achieve excellent results

Use of SAP software, a technology that fits seamlessly into business process management to achieve a significant increase in production efficiency

TECNO3 is committed to improving processes and enhancing the characteristics of the final product:

Ensuring plant reliability

Significantly reducing the amount of product required for recipe changes

By streamlining processes thanks to continuous processing

Facilitating the disassembly and sanitisation of equipment

Optimising space with company-wide solutions

Reducing consumption and promoting energy savings

By providing a test area where the production cycle can be reproduced

By respecting the nutritional and organoleptic properties of raw materials through to the final product

Favouring increased and optimised productivity

Every day TECNO 3 team works to create innovative, inspiring and enjoyable technologies for everyday life around the world; TECNO 3 operates and exports to 5 continents and 30 countries.