giovedì, Dicembre 2, 2021

VIDEO - SMI: LSK 40T packer - DV500 S

LWP ERGON packer with 90° infeed

VIDEO - B&R, Innovations Day 2021

VIDEO - Galigani Filtri

VIDEO - Wrap Around Labelling Machine - ALTECH

VIDEO - Roxtec HD transits

VIDEO - P.E. Labellers per Recoaro

VIDEO - Olocco, We are rock

VIDEO - Mini Motor, Unchained engineering


Mini Motor – Americas Edition 2021/2022

Fast Change and Clean, Mini Motor technology bringing innovation to the food sector Two brushless motor lines just perfect for the needs of the food...


Coval: soluzioni di manipolazione tramite vuoto per l’industria vinicola

Da oltre 30 anni, la COVAL sviluppa generatori di vuoto, ventose e tecnologie di controllo che consentono di manipolare i prodotti e gli imballaggi...


Tecmes – Arabic Edition 2021/2022

حلول مخصصة من أجل أداء ممتاز الأداء والتخصيص هو مزيج ناجح ميز نشاط شركة تكمس "Tecmes" منذ عام 1984، وهي شركة تصنع اليوم أنظمة مُخصصة...


Pietribiasi Michelangelo – Asiatic Edition 2020/2021

Pietribiasi Michelangelo Srl was established between the end 1960 and the beginning of the next decade. From the beginning the family-run company specialized in the...


Chiaramello Industria – Russian Edition 2021/2022

Chiaramello Industria Srl предлагает решения для перемещения и смешивания жидкостей в пищевой промышленности и производит объемные насосы и смесительные мельницы. Продукты подходят для перемещения густых,...


Galigani Filtri – Americas Edition 2021/2022

Galigani Filtri is a leader in the design and construction of filter presses and relevant filtration systems. Since 1958, the company has boasted over 3,000...

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