Scanny3d Srl – South Africa Edition

Scanny3d Srl – South Africa Edition

Scanny3D S.r.l. is a company specializing in the design and production of 3D laser scanning systems and the development of CAD-CAM software for various industrial sectors.

Since its debut in 2004, technological innovation and research have always played a central role for the company, contributing decisively to its growth and evolution over the years, which has allowed it to offer more and more products. versatile able to meet the specific needs of customers in various sectors.

The constant mission of the R&D department, which makes use of highly specialized personnel with decades of experience, is in fact to design systems that are increasingly accurate, reliable and easy to use thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, in particular in the field of 3D, allowing to convert the technological innovation present in the products into process innovation for companies that choose the solutions provided by Scanny3D Srl.

Scanny3D products are 100% “Made in Italy”, are designed and developed entirely in Italy and are currently distributed all over the world thanks to a network of resellers divided by product sectors.

Verticalization of products

The activities carried out by the company are many and concern, in addition to the realization of reverse engineering systems (in particular 3D scanners) and the development of dedicated software, also the creation of 3D graphics and animation systems, simulation systems and augmented reality, 3D tracking systems, development of graphic interfaces for industrial automation and the provision of consulting services in various fields.

The most important application concerns the packaging/bottling sector and consists in the digitization of bottles, flacons and containers of any kind and in the design of equipment (e.g. STAR and SCREW profiles) in 2D and/or 3D to be inserted in the machinery for bottling, labelling and packaging lines.

The company offers a complete, fast and automatic solution that involves the integration of a rotary 3D laser scanner for the digitization of bottles and vials with a simulation software plug-in for the creation of the profiles of the alveoli of the stars as well as the design screws to be inserted in the machinery of the filling, labelling and packaging lines.

The 3D laser scanner is a patented device that performs a 360° scan without contact, at high speed, at very high resolution (also in colour) and completely automatically. It is produced in two different sizes and allows you to digitize and analyse glass bottles, plastic bottles, containers of any material and shape and various types of caps (for example dispensers, triggers, various accessories).

The Pack-Sim software plug-in integrated with the 3D scanner is also developed by the company Scanny3D Srl and it can be customized according to the specific needs of the customers. Using the data provided by the 3D scanner, the software performs a real simulation of the movement of the bottle on the machinery of the packaging lines, for the automatic generation of the profile of the complete star and of the screw, thus simultaneously simulating the entire line/machine.

3D scanner and simulation Pack-Sim software are fully integrated with each other to provide a quick, complete solution, compatible with industry 4.0 standards and which, in addition to facilitating the digital transformation of the user company, can be easily integrated into the production process. computerized possibly already present in the company. We can define it as an avant-garde solution for the design of the entire bottling line as from the very high-resolution 3D model it allows to create all the compartments of the input – output exchange stars up to the 3D design of screws of any type that can be exported to all major CAD/CAM software.

Personalized solutions

The strength of the company, much appreciated by customers and which at the same time allows Scanny3D Srl to stand out from the competition, consists in the ability to customize software and develop customized hardware solutions to meet the specific requests and needs of customers.

The company’s goal is to provide extremely reliable and accurate 3D scanning devices, very compact, easy to use and requiring no maintenance by the end user.

Scanny3d products are compatible with Industry 4.0 and for this reason they must be customized and interconnected with the other tools present in the final customer’s production cycle.