Finpac Sleeve Srl – South Africa Edition

Finpac Sleeve Srl – South Africa Edition

Finpac Sleeve: The queen of low- and high-speed labellers

“Labels? Forget the labels! If anything, we are talking about fine dresses since we cooperate with the most renowned world brands in the bottling sector. I’ll tell you more, the image we are coining for this type of material is of a dressmaker about to design – thanks to the use of sleeve – tailored dresses.”

Finpac Sleeve General Manager, Erik Granzon has a clear view. Frankly speaking, this image he describes of a dressmaker suggests a label-container combination, like tailoring. All that thanks to sleeve labelling of both low- and high-speed machines.

Erik Granzon is optimistic (as any manager should be), a visionary man as we will discover soon, and just like the great monarchs of the past who were also the Defenders of Faith, he as a contemporary man is also a Defender of the Environment because he strongly believes in and is committed to sustainability. He immediately tells us his definition of Finpac Sleeve products “We dress these wonderful products with a multifunctional material that, at the same time, gives an important sense of lightness.”

That is the history and goals of Erik Granzon, General Manger, and Ilaria Zilio, CEO of Finpac Sleeve, told by themselves through simple albeit important questions.

Let’s start from the beginning with Ilaria Zilio. Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was Finpac, and still there is. Established 35 years ago by two members, now old people, who passed over me the honour of running this wonderful business reality, high-speed labelling machines. The brands that use this system have always aroused my attention and fascinated, too. I wanted to be a diplomat or a psychologist, but I dared not tell my father and then thought “why now, let’s try”. Sooner, I fell for these machines and was thrilled to create and develop my own projects.”

Woman, and charismatic. All easy since the beginning?

On the contrary. The beginning was very demanding, as it is today, in a sector that is mainly for men. I was young and unexpert. There were judgements and prejudices about me, and I had to instantly prove my capacity more than others. In the company, I had to grow not only professionally but also personally, as to arrive where I am now.

Basing on your experience, would you prefer to work with men or women?

I believe that the best work environment needs a balance of women and men. Every person is different, and therefore generalizing is a mistake. I believe that male and female peculiarities can team and improve analytical skills, for a higher attention to details, with the goal of increasing corporate performance.

Is there some advice you would have liked to follow and that you didn’t?

Looking back to my path today may generate different decisions, but I am sure that my entire path, especially the most negative and difficult aspects of it, have contributed to making me the woman and the professional I am today, and ready for future challenges.

Erik Granzon has been appointed as General Manager of Finpac Sleeve by dr. Zilio to broaden the presence and success in the packaging market. How should a figure like yours be to establish a relationship with collaborators?

As far as I am concerned, I have always accepted different challenges and that has led me, not without efforts and commitment, to that level of professionalism that characterizes me.

Allow me some advice, I think that we need to be real and coherent to lead as per our values. It is crucial to create commitment and planning ability to generate a new version, to generate enthusiasm and passion necessary so that every collaborator is part of the project with the right trust and freedom.

Always looking for new ideas. What’s your secret?

As it often happens in life, when your goal is your professional growth, some inspirations are generated even when you stop for a while, not only when you analyse your sector but also when you look at other markets. My own experience gained in events thanks to the precious support of international staff has driven me to accept this new challenge in the world of packaging, even though we are talking about two totally different worlds, in terms of technology and innovation.

Then I thought that in life we need some madness. Don’t you agree?

The world of packaging opens endless new frontiers

Today, Finpac Sleeve is present in 130 countries across the globe, and therefore its present goal is entering different distribution channels by creating personalized and exclusive solutions through our machinery. That’s why we have thought of launching a low-speed machine that combines technological know-how and nobility of the sleeve with designer’s creativity. The idea is entering the world of low outputs (i.e. wine, beer) because we know that the demand of fine products is high.

One of our goals is bringing wellness and beauty to the world of packaging.

You started with high-speed machine and have been highly innovating. Who has envisaged this path?

I think that one of the most appealing aspects that made me love Finpac Sleeve may be the possibility of creating innovative designs that – combining with our product – generate elegant containers while keeping the technical features unaltered.

In our history there has always been great attention to sustainability. Now, it is a trend

Attaching sustainability to ephemeral fads has always made me smile. You can’t think about sustainable economy without acting for the environment.

In conclusion… constantly growing. Which are your next projects and events in the world of packaging?

I thought you would ask this question and I hope you wouldn’t mind my looking back at our projects and answer that we are working on it. As regards our events in the world of packaging, we want to keep up and continue our development. To this regard, I can also say that we are completing customer-focused projects to meet beverage requirements.

Open House Beverage Division

Finpac Sleeve opens its doors to show the world its latest process and packaging technologies, from small to high speeds. Finpac Sleeve premises will house a wide selection of machinery and machines developed to meet the requirements of the beverage industry: From big multinationals to small-size workshops, and suppliers who will be able to see firsthand the technology purposely designed to satisfy the entire production cycle of a product.