Pnd – Eastern Europe Edition

Pnd – Eastern Europe Edition

PND: Healthy innovation in an automatic line entirely dedicated to apples

Ready-to-eat fruit consumption shows considerable growth, and apples, a deseasonalized fruit on the market all year round, are one of the leading products in the segment. PND hit on modern trends by dedicating an entire line to it, consisting of three machines: the PL8 semi-automatic peeling, coring and sectioning machine, also available in 2, 4 and 6 stations, the ORN8 automatic feeder and the DFT treatment tank.

The peeling machine, the group’s best seller, makes it possible to achieve a production that ranges from 20 to 80 fruits per minute, depending on the needs and the model chosen. The fruit, mechanically loaded on the coring tube, is peeled at an adjustable speed. When the operation is completed, then the fruit passes through an optional wedge or cube cutting system. This peeling machine, versatile and made of food grade stainless steel, guarantees a minimum intervention on the part of the operator and a precise and delicate transformation.

The mod. ORN8 automatic feeder makes the line automatic, allowing the mechanical orientation of the product up to 99%. The apples, tipped over and collected in a tank with water, are taken and transferred to an orientation section, with the flower or with stalk upwards.

The DTF treatment tank, designed specifically for apples, completes the line and may be added at the discretion of the customer. Thanks to the optional conductivity control unit and the dosing system, it is optimal for extending shelf life; the fruit is immersed in a substance that protects its fragrance and colour, avoiding the risk of oxidation. The soaking times are set by the customer. The tank and conveyor belts have been designed so that cleaning and maintenance take place in a very short time, minimising labour costs.

It is a line that has registered considerable success especially in Poland, where PND, a leader for about 20 years, has 60 customers and where last month two new complete plants were delivered for the processing of apples. The advantages for those who choose it are several: high cutting quality, fast production, labour savings, simple maintenance and sanitisation and a user-friendly interface. As regards the apple process line in Poland, PND is the only name and customers are not interested in any other suppliers in this technological field. They recognize PND as reliable from many points of view: technological, innovative, after-sales, spare parts.

Given the increasing consumption of ready-to-eat fruit, the company has specialised in the development of advanced systems for industries producing fresh, canned, frozen and dehydrated fruit, and has invested in quality, achieving a strong presence in Europe, South America, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Africa and Asia, with an export turnover of 95%.

Thanks to a strong experience gained in the field and the expertise of its specialized staff, PND has been able to win the trust of the customer, to whom it offers a fast and effective customer care, covering every latitude. For those who wish to view the machinery catalogue, as well as the calendar of trade fair events in which PND will take part, just visit the website