Zudek – Eastern Europe Edition

Zudek – Eastern Europe Edition

Zudek is an ever-evolving company. Since the Nineties, when it specialized in maintenance of marine, industrial, and civil refrigeration plants, Zudek has been able to add each year a new element to its growth, developing state-of-the-art solutions for refrigeration and air-conditioning to guarantee energy savings, efficiency, safety, and respect of the environment.

It designs and manufactures high-technology refrigeration plants that use ammonia in an environmentally sustainable way. Zudek creates tailor-made products upon customer’s specific requirements, such as Ecomatik® – a water condensed ammonia chiller; Airmatik® – an air condensed ammonia monobloc chiller; Enermatik® – a water and ammonia absorption chiller that produces cooling power recovering heat from a hot energy source. Heat can be produced by other production processes, recovered from industrial fumes, or co-generated with the power produced by an endothermic engine. These refrigeration systems enable customers to amortise their investments in a few years, which is why hundreds of plants have been sold all over the world. In addition, all Zudek plants are constantly monitored thanks to the Telematik® system, a telemetry service that allows to control and adapt machine’s operation parameters in real time to optimize its performances.

Whereas in past decades the cost of energy power did not have a significant impact on the business operations, now this is no longer the case. In fact, recent pandemic waves, geopolitical conflicts and ineffective energy policies have had a profound effect on the industry, making it crucial for companies to reduce energy consumption to remain competitive in the market.

If we consider, for example, that in a dairy factory the prevalent energy consumption is on refrigeration, with a Zudek system the costs can be reduced by 50%. This paradigm can be applied for both large-sized enterprises as well as any other production business in the food, chemical, logistics, and pharmaceutical sector.

The added value can be found in the safe use of ammonia: low amount is used to generate cold, with an innovative and sustainable approach. Moreover, Zudek is also investing in R&D projects related to the purification and liquefaction of CO2.