Silvestri – Eastern Europe Edition

Silvestri – Eastern Europe Edition

For two generations Silvestri Srl has been producing industrial mixers installed in leader companies all over the world in the bakery production sector.

Study, design and machinery production are carried out in-house in such a way as to have full control of the products from many points of view: mechanics, electronics and software programming.

Silvestri offers excellent quality of both machinery and services for customers’ full satisfaction; each order is carried out thoroughly from the start right to final start-up.

HSM Horizontal Mixer

High-speed horizontal mixers are suitable for doughs of cookies, stuffed cookies, crackers, cakes, shortbread and hard biscuits and generally for baked goods, and in addition for high-capacity production.

The dough mixing is performed by a rotating mixing arm, without shaft, specially designed to guarantee quick and uniform dispersion of the ingredients during the mixing.

Recently, Silvestri has introduced an innovation of the HSM mixer, provided with dismountable seals of the rotating shafts. This option guarantees the possibility to substitute them from outside without disassembling the mechanical parts of the machine, saving time and resources.

HDZ Horizontal Mixer

Horizontal mixers with double mixing arm, suited to mix also very hard doughs such as gingerbread and dog food, are extremely flexible and able to change separately the 2 mixing speed. This kind of mixers permits to achieve excellent doughs in a very short time.

VKS Vertical Mixer

Vertical mixers are suitable for producing highly uniform dough. The mixing is performed by vertical shafts with horizontal winding arms specially designed to guarantee quick and uniform dispersion of the ingredients as well as a soft and effective mixing.

All Silvestri mixers can be completely customized according to the customer’s requests, both from what the software functioning regards as for the ingredient feeding and the unloading of the dough.

Silvestri manufactures and sells industrial mixers installed worldwide in the bakery production lines of main industries, both big corporations of the food processing and smaller facilities producing specific baked goods, from South America to Middle and Far East going through Europe and Africa.