PND – Eastern Europe Edition

PND – Eastern Europe Edition

Founded in 2000, PND is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of fruit processing machinery. A business mainly related to exports, which is worth 95% of the total turnover. PND operates on a global scale and is strongly present in Europe, South America, the United States, Asia, Australia and Africa. 

There are 19 machines in the catalogue that are easy to intuit, use and maintain. Among the top products there are peeling machines, coring machines, automatic and manual cutters, for multiple fruit varieties, as well as treatment and pre-washing tanks. 

Strawberry, apple, pear, kiwi, melon, pineapple, mango, peach, lemon, watermelon, citrus; each fruit has different intrinsic and external characteristics and responds to different market needs. The PND brand machines are modular, therefore they lend themselves to the construction of a tailor-made process line for the customer. It is in fact possible, through targeted requests, to combine a machine suitable for cutting into wedges and chunks with a peeler. 

Since September, a new machine has been added to the catalogue, the PND new cherry tomato cutter, designed for cutting in half and in quarters. Fast, with a production capacity of about 200 kgs per hour; safe since it is designed to comply with all the safety standards required by current regulations, for example with the covered cutting unit; innovative because of its automatic loading, thus also saving manpower. The product is, in fact, collected in a hopper and, through an elevator conveyor, lift to the loading belt that aligns and transfers it to the cutting station. The cutting unit is composed of 4 rotating circular blades that, operated together, allow the cut into quarters. A mechanical lever system allows, instead, to move 2 blades so as to obtain the cut in half. Finally, an output conveyor, placed under the cutting station, collects the product easily. 

Thanks to its innovative stainless-steel design, the machine treats cherry tomatoes of different calibre (Ø 25 – 40 mm) and is easy to handle being equipped with four wheels. 

The company strength? Listening to the customer. PND is able to give a prompt response to the buyers, with processing lines designed according to their needs and requirements. A vision enabling to pay attention to technological performance, perfectly tailored to the needs of those who choose them. 

It is a truly global machine, as PND srl is also truly global, being based in Italy, but with representative offices located in several different countries. 

A team consisting of 40 employees, including administrative and sales staff, technicians and engineers, based at its headquarters in Scafati, in the South of Italy, works alongside agents and technical offices all around the world. 

Indeed, the human element is one of the main resources of a company with mechanical and technical strengths such as these. Despite the widespread presence of PND representatives on the various continents, when it comes to installing a new machine, there is always an expert who travels from the parent company and follows the process through to completion. 

This assumption of responsibility is a guarantee for the customer, which knows from the very first moment that it is going to be accompanied constantly from the design phase to the commissioning of the system.  

This constant attention to the needs of its customers is a winning strategy that allows continuous updating in the field and a swift response to customer needs means that customised production lines can be offered to them.

The opportunity to deal constantly with customers all around the world offers the technicians from PND the opportunity to tackle new challenges and properly understand the needs of their customers. 

PND invites you to discover the PND world visiting its website, where you can find all details about its machinery and have info referring to the company’s participation in the national and international trade fairs.