Caseartecnica Bartoli – Eastern Europe Edition

Caseartecnica Bartoli – Eastern Europe Edition

Caseartecnica Bartoli: alongside the dairy company with automatic or semi-automatic solutions

A wide range of machines designed for the entire milk supply chain. From the professional packaging industry to the needs of small producers and traders.

Caseartecnica Bartoli offers cutting and packaging solutions for the dairy sector designed to work in line or stand alone, thus responding to the demand for effective, automatic or semi-automatic tools.

Caseartecnica Bartoli is preparing for the next edition of CibusTec next October, consolidating what was already presented in the last edition (in the pre-covid era) with the exhibition and presentation of a new milk processing agitator for the production in particular of Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano. Completely oriented towards compliance with the hygiene and non-contamination requirements of the product that the market requires: it is an absolute novelty. The EVO Stirrer is equipped with a brushless motor with permanent magnets without a reduction gear and without oil inside. The current situation of the market and the sector requires products that have the primary objective of energy saving and environmental sustainability. This is undoubtedly a turning point in the sector where Bartoli has been present for over 60 years with machinery that responds in real time to the needs of the sector. Caseartecnica Bartoli develops and assembles new machinery along this path, putting innovation and respect for the product first.

The offer of Caseartecnica is completed with cutting machines: the use of automatic and semi-automatic machines for cutting hard and semi-hard cheese and other products other than dairy products (ham slices, pumpkins, frozen products, etc.). The cutting machines – portioners and panel saws – have a vocation towards ever greater automation of the production cycle with ever greater performance speeds.

In the field of hard and semi-hard cheese cutting, the ROCK20 PLUS, the latest generation automatic machine, allows you to choose to portion both fixed and variable weights. Versatility and flexibility characterize this machine suitable for working alone or in line with other Bartoli cutting machines allowing an entire portioning and packaging line.

The market trend and international customers allow Caseartecnica Bartoli to export 15% of its annual production abroad, mainly for Northern and Eastern Europe, in countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Serbia, but reaches also non-European markets such as Canada, the U.S.A. and Brazil and Albania and Russia.

The agitators are mainly placed on the Italian market: the production of cheeses in the Italian territory, in fact, guarantees a preponderant market share. Without forgetting, however, the expansion – precisely in the two-year period 2020-22 – with a supply to Brazil and the United States, Hungary, and Russia for a production of “grain-like”.

The current national and international context makes us hope for a positive, but not easy reaction for the next few years, certain of a consolidation of its presence on the national and international market. The return to presence for the entire trade fair sector will allow us to be present and available for new meetings and new markets in the coming months.