Landucci – Eastern Europe Edition

Landucci – Eastern Europe Edition

Landucci: A reliable partner worldwide

Landucci is known worldwide for the high quality of its dies and the technology and reliability of its pasta forming machines. However, in its operating model, this is only the starting point. The relationship that Landucci establishes with its customers includes impeccable after-sales and service. In fact, considering that pasta production represents a delicate balance between traditional processing methods and the need to maintain consistent production volumes, in a competitive industry landscape, technical assistance plays a crucial role in ensuring operational continuity and product quality.

Landucci is committed to always being at your side, wherever you are, offering a high-level service guaranteed by specialized and qualified personnel.

Continuous staff training

Landucci’s dedicated service personnel are constantly trained and updated on the latest technologies and methodologies used in the pasta industry. This commitment allows them to offer the highest level of technical assistance, ensuring quick diagnosis and timely solution to problems. Landucci’s goal is to minimize downtime, helping to keep your production at peak performance.

State-of-the-art technology

Landucci is constantly investing in technology, equipping its technicians with state-of-the-art instrumentation to make their work more precise and efficient. Experience is thus combined with technology, sensitivity and intuition to measurement; assistance is thus always a perfect combination of people and tools.

Upgrades and improvements

In addition to traditional assistance, Landucci also offers upgrade services to improve the performance of already installed machines. Landucci is able to optimize its machines in your pasta factory through software or hardware updates. The structured customer care office is always at your disposal to coordinate these interventions and schedule preventive maintenance visits.

A global presence

Landucci is proud to be a strategic partner of prestigious pasta factories around the world, and its presence and assistance are guaranteed in a timely and highly professional manner wherever you are. Its ability to intervene globally is one of the elements that distinguish it and make it a valuable ally in the pasta supply chain. In any country you operate, you can count on Landucci to meet all your needs.

Zamboni brand assistance

Landucci, with the recent acquisition of Zamboni, a leader in machines for the production of pasta Bologna, is now able to offer a complete and qualified assistance service for every Zamboni machine in the world. In fact, it is guaranteed the same know-how and the same intervention capacity that is offered for the Landucci brand on these machines, providing support to all pasta factories that have owned this prestigious brand for a long time.

At Landucci, the staff takes after-sales and assistance very seriously. Landucci’s customers know that they have a constant and qualified presence at their side wherever they are. For Landucci, the sale is the beginning of a relationship of trust.

At Landucci, they are happy that customers feel close to them, always, wherever they operate in the world.