Inox Meccanica – Eastern Europe Edition

Inox Meccanica – Eastern Europe Edition

Inox Meccanica back to Anuga FoodTec

Since 1983, Inox Meccanica has been one of the world’s most important players in designing and manufacturing machines for automation in the processing and packaging of meat and cured meat products, as well as equipment for washing and sanitising equipment and foodstuffs produced, responding to the diverse and specific customer requirements.

This past year has been very meaningful for Inox Meccanica: Besides celebrating 40 years in business, Inox Meccanica changed its company name, turning into an S.p.A., which gave a strong and important message to the market as well as confirming how reliable and constantly growing the company is. As an illustration of this, in 2023’s first months, Inox Meccanica opened a new sales company in Chicago (USA) to be even more present and efficient in a very important market such as the U.S. market.

Renewal is certainly the term that best describes what Inox Meccanica has always been. A company capable of constant renewal and innovation to provide customers with ever new technological solutions. Only a few years later, Inox Meccanica returns to Anuga FoodTec with high expectations and a lot of enthusiasm because Cologne is one of the most significant venues of the year.

Hall 6, Stand C 089: gateways to a must-see. Along with an advanced PIC 99 BCE, which is displayed equipped with an automatic loading belt, an automatic tube-changing system, an 1100 mould as well as the adjustable stroke electric pusher you will come across Tumbler 4000 BT-S set up with a special smoking dedicated generator.

To achieve smoking, Inox Meccanica R&D department improved a process that relies on a friction generator, which by producing low temperature smoke duly alternated with vacuum phases, impregnates the product with greater speed. This combination is programmable and repeatable until the desired degree of smoking is achieved.

Rounding out the picture will be Inox Meccanica now-famous TM 200 V inclined belt tying machine ideal for tying very different products from roasts to salmon slices and its legendary P600 semiautomatic bagging machine often used in small and medium production of pork belly, coppa, bresaola, hams, loins and roasts.

Inox Meccanica, though, is not just food processing but also washing and sanitation; therefore, there has been a focus on designing the best solutions to sanitize all those tools used in production processes. These are machines and systems with a strong transversality of use, just think of the meat, dairy, pet-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

The wagon washing machine, which will complete the exhibit, is one of many examples of how the company has actualized its commitment to research and development of new technologies for sanitizing and washing. Inox Meccanica team has evolved the previous model of wagon washer by equipping the washing cabin with two doors: one is used for the entrance of the container by an automated system with forks, and another frontal door from which the container is extracted clean and disinfected, again by automation.

Make sure you won’t miss the chance to experience Inox Meccanica’s multiverse-branded innovative exhibition in Cologne; Inox Meccanica personally invites you to a show you cannot miss. Stay up-to-date!