Enomet – South Africa Edition

Enomet – South Africa Edition

ENOMET was founded on 9 January 1996 by the current Administrator P.I. Giacomo Cocci who, thanks to the experience gained since 1979 in the wine sector, decided to set up his own business. Over the years, the company has grown due to the experience and innate inventiveness of the founder, as well as the arrival into the company of the children and highly qualified staff who have added value and new ideas.

What ENOMET does

Its business is focused on the study and development of new technologies, on the design of machinery and processing lines, on the construction and marketing of oenology systems. Over the years, oil and beer production plant have been built. In addition to mechanical construction, ENOMET is also able to develop complete turnkey wine cellar projects, taking care of the architectural and technological parts and proposing innovative systems, making use of various patents. ENOMET has the ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

The mission

A whole life dedicated to wine and his men. The luck to have fun with your work. The opportunity to meet and work with great oenologists and wine producers. ENOMET’s mission has always been to listen, to understand problems, to propose solutions. Pioneers always exploring innovative and highly topical techniques. Leaders in ion exchange, in the recovery of fermentation gases, in the design and construction of innovative machines from grape harvesting to bottling, in the construction of complete wine cellars.

The vision

ENOMET’s little way brought it up and now it wants to keep climbing. ENOMET will continue listening, understanding problems and suggesting solutions with passion and competence. It wants to continue the way taken many years ago, highlighting its presence in the current markets and meet new ones. Strengthening the research and development of new technologies in the oenological sector but especially in other sectors in which ENOMET aims to expand in the next few years: olive and brewing.

ENOMET products

• Reception and processing of grapes: Destemmers, sorting lines, receiving tanks, stalk shredder, stalk aspirators.

• Pumps: Elliptical rotor pumps, single crew rotor pumps, lobe pumps, peristaltic pumps, piston pumps, floating stator pumps, coaxial pumps.

• Pressing: Membrane presses for soft pressing.

• Musts cleaning: Dynamic flotation units for the clarification of the musts.

• Filtration: Rotary vacuum filters, kieselguhr filters, plate filters, cross-flow filters, microfiltration housing, reverse osmosis.

• Refrigeration: Chillers, heat exchangers, refrigeration plates, electrical panels for to control fermentation temperatures.

• Tartaric stabilization: Manual and automatic ion exchange deionizers.

• CO2 recovery: Plants for the recovery and reuse of fermentation carbon dioxide.

• Sparkling wine and fizzy wine: Complete plants for Classic and Charmat Method.

• Nitrogen: Nitrogen generators and plants.

• Batonnage: Automatic devices for mixing liquids inside the tanks.

• Tanks and accessories: Stainless steel tanks and autoclaves of all types. Removable stirrers.

• Bottling: Bottling systems of all types, manual and automatic. Rinsers, fillers, corkers, labellers, capping machines.

• Barriques and tonneaux accessories: Supports for barriques and tonneaux, manual stirrers, filling, emptying, washing.

• Sanitization: Steam generators, dry nebulizers.

• Oxygen dosage: Micro oxygenators.

The market

ENOMET’s main activity is in Italy but since 1996 the company has been exporting its products to over 53 countries around the world. Exports currently account for about a 35% of sales.


Currently ENOMET team consists of 16 people, including the founder and current Administrator, divided between the production department and offices.

The various phases of ENOMET’s activity, from design to construction, are mainly managed by its Technical Office in symbiosis with the Research and Development team, that if necessary benefit of qualified external consultants. The installation of the systems, even when managed by external companies, is always followed directly by ENOMET internal technicians.

ENOMET technical assistance service enables the company to carry out maintenance and repair, in Italy and abroad, even on machinery not of its production (after checking them).


ENOMET is located in Italy, in Tavernelle di Colli al Metauro (PU), on the Adriatic coast. 

Call them directly at (+39) 0721 897527 or e-mail to info@enomet.it