Tecnovap – South Africa Edition

Tecnovap – South Africa Edition

Tecnovap, the Italian leader and manufacturer for the steam cleaning sector.

Tecnovap was founded in 1985 in Negrar di Valpolicella, a small town near Verona (Italy). With more than 35 years of experience, Tecnovap has impressively grown becoming a considerable partner for the professional and industrial sectors. After years of success and continuous growth, Tecnovap has set its headquarters in Pescantina (Verona), where it is still present nowadays.

What are the benefits of steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is a valid alternative that enables to sanitize all kind of surfaces with an environmentally friendly approach. When delivered at high temperature and pressure, dry saturated steam easily degreases any dirt from all types of surfaces. Once the dirt is detached, it can be removed from the surface easily thanks to an integrated vacuum or by using a simple microfiber cloth. Steam also has a very important cleaning power that does not damage or scratch surfaces, even the most delicate ones. Thanks to the durable Made-in-Italy stainless steel boilers designed by Tecnovap, steam is delivered consistently over the surface, killing harmful bacteria through thermal shock. In this way, the user can sanitize applying no chemicals at all and consuming significantly less power. Eventually, steam cleaning translates into an abundant long-term saving of water, chemicals and cleaning times for your company.

Why should you choose Tecnovap?

Tecnovap has always been at the forefront of innovation since the business was founded. Thanks to the experience gained through all these years of work and studies in the field, the company is still capable to valorize steam as the most reliable ecologic alternative to conventional cleaning methods. In this regard, the company has boasted a number of patents that have made its steam generators increasingly safer, faster and more powerful. Consequently, steam cleaners have become much more accessible to many national and multinational companies, which have chosen steam generators as the best option for their cleaning purposes. Furthermore, Tecnovap keeps working tirelessly to understand the necessities of every customer, by continuously designing new and specialized tools to meet and satisfy every need. With Tecnovap, steam has never been cleaner.

What are some of the best applications for steam?

Steam cleaning is so versatile that it can be found in many different working areas, but it is especially suitable for the industrial and professional sectors. For instance, steam is perfect for cleaning and sanitizing mesh and flat conveyor belts in the Food & Beverage industry. Tecnovap’s belt cleaner system is tailor-made for every customer and it can be manual, semi-automatic or even fully automatic. This conveyor belt cleaning system is designed to be paired with one of our steam generators, which can always be used for other cleaning operations inside your premises, creating an all-round package for any cleaning necessity inside your company.

What are the new frontiers of steam cleaning?

Tecnovap is consistently exploring new and interesting cleaning solutions. A particularly innovative application for steam is the cleaning of high-level surfaces inside industrial premises, where dust can become a risk factor for production safety. In this regard, Tecnovap has developed T.E.S.S. (Tecnovap Extreme Steam System), a new way to effortlessly clean high-level surfaces thanks to light carbon-fiber poles that can reach impressive heights from ground level.

By means of this system, no scissor lifts or other specialist equipment are required to carry out the sanitization of high-level surfaces, giving life to a very cost-effective alternative on the long term. This system can be safely operated during production hours, cancelling any existing machine downtime costs.

For more information and requests on Tecnovap’s steam generators: sales@tecnovap.com