CoreMet Mineral Processing – South Africa

CoreMet Mineral Processing – South Africa

CoreMet and Virto-Cuccolini: delivering the best solutions for solid/liquid separation and powders or granules classification processes 

An effective material handling and classification system is one of the fundamental pillars for many companies operating in the most varied manufacturing sectors. Within many of these processes, the classification of materials through industrial screening is an important step that can determine the quality of the finished product.

For this reason, CoreMet, a company based in Pretoria, South Africa, with an extensive knowledge and experience in dry and wet processing screening across a wide range of industrial materials and ingredients, provides clients with fit-for-purpose solutions from concept to implementation. CoreMet, whose multidisciplinary team is well experienced in detailed plant design, construction and commissioning; selects the best suppliers to support its client’s needs within their process value chain from the start to finish. As it is gradually cementing its material handling footprint in various material processing industries such as heavy minerals, gold, PGMs, diamonds, coal, powder minerals, food and pharmaceuticals; CoreMet turns to Virto-Cuccolini, a historic Italian manufacturer specialised in the construction of industrial vibrating sieves for the classification and separation of powders and liquids.

Virto-Cuccolini and CoreMet’s partnership started in 2017 and offers quality and cost-effective solutions to junior and large companies, to cover different needs, such as:

• Quickly cleaning the product from unwanted pieces during the first phase of the production line. This is achieved with safety screening, created precisely to prevent undesired particles from entering the production cycle.

• Separating a product by particle size. This is the basis for creating, from a bulk ingredient, multiple products of different fractions that cover different market needs.

• Separating materials from free-flowing liquids or even from dense liquids, such as sludges.

• Recovering waste material to transform and use as a new product or as a new second raw material. This is a helpful way to start achieving more sustainability in the production process.

Virto-Cuccolini offers a wide range of sieving equipment in Aisi 304 or Aisi 316, both with ATEX and FDA certifications. The great variety of available sizes gives the possibility to both big-scale industrial projects and small pilot plants to find the best solution. 

As one of the partnership’s major focus points is preserving its customers’ process quality, a continuous original spare parts supply service is available and can also be arranged on a regular basis, as well as maintenance planning.

A vibrating sieve can serve hundreds of different applications in the food industry, but also in other sectors in which separation and classification of materials constitute an essential part of the manufacturing process. The South African-Italian tandem formed by CoreMet and Virto-Cuccolini will make their highly skilled staff available to satisfy customers throughout the African continent. 

In the attached pictures, a brief gallery of the most recent new products from Virto-Cuccolini, ranging from sieving equipment for pharma and food applications, solid/liquid separation like spirulina harvesting to 3D printing metal powders recovery.