Agriflex – South Africa Edition

Agriflex – South Africa Edition

Tailor-made solutions for the food industry since 1975

Agriflex has been designing, manufacturing and installing systems for storing, conveying, dosing and automatically controlling raw materials for the food industry.

Founded in Italy in 1975, Agriflex headquarters are based in Forlì and extend over a covered surface area of more than 5,000 sq m, divided respectively into areas dedicated to production and assembly, installations and systems, quality control, storage and offices.

The company has also a plant in Serravalle di Berra (Ferrara) for the production of specialist components. 

Over time, Agriflex has gained worldwide presence also thanks to the establishment of an important network of industrial and commercial partnerships around the world.

From the initial concept to design, from manufacturing to installation: Agriflex follows every project closely and offers tailor-made solutions.