Comei – Asiatic Edition

Comei – Asiatic Edition

Quality and technology excellence

COMEI Beverage Technologies is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing machines and plants for processing and preparing food liquids, operating, in particular, in the beverage segment, as well as producing stainless steel containers for all segments of the food sector generally.

Technicians and technologists are able to guarantee a full range of customers advice.

The built plants have a level of automation in line with the demands and needs of their customers, offering semi-automatic, automatic or fully automatic systems equipped with PLC and integrated supervision system, able to meet all the needs for the beverage production.

COMEI pays particular attention, during the design and production phase of its products, to the hygienic-sanitary aspect, in order to exclude any possible contamination of the processed product, thus guaranteeing its customer the maximum safety in the production process and product processing, thanks also to the quality and reliability of the components used for the construction of the systems and the machines individually.

The company is able to propose:

• Pasteurization-heating or cooling tunnel.

• Water softeners complete with deaeration and cooling exchangers.

• Mixer equipped with cooling exchanger and Brix and CO2 in-line control.

• 2-3-4 stage plate pasteurizers for cold fill and hot fill.

• Multi tubular or tubular pasteurizers for products with suspended solids or juices.

• Semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic CIPs with 1-2-3-4 tanks, with multiple washing lines.

• Semiautomatic or fully automatic syrup rooms.

• Refrigeration systems.

• Multi-effect concentrators with heat recovery and low energy consumption desulfurizers.

• Thermo-conditioned tanks for the wine industry.

• Winemakers for red grapes.

• Autoclaves for sparkling wines.

• Fermenters and bright beer tanks.

• Brewhouses.

The objective and philosophy at the base of COMEI are the continuous improvement and implementation of solutions for any customer’s requirement and request, supplying and guaranteeing, at the same time, machines and plants that, in terms of quality and technology, represent excellence.