BBM Service Srl – Asiatic Edition

BBM Service Srl – Asiatic Edition

Used and overhauled machines and compatible spare parts, this is BBM Service

BBM Service is a company with 15 years of growth and success behind, which establishes itself as a reliable reference point aiming at quality when it comes to bottling and packaging solutions. BBM Service offers several advantages, among them warranty on refurbished machines, an assistance service with the chance to buy hotline priority bundles, last but not least the opportunity to customize projects according to every production needs of customers. BBM can follow customers step by step, from the initial idea to the commissioning of the line, becoming the only reference point with which to interface for the construction of a plant that presents different types of challenges. BBM specialises in the supply of turn-key water and beverage bottling plants. BBM collaborates and works for the top brands of the beverage industry, offering the same excellence to large multinational firms and local ones. The customised, flexible and quick service is the main reason why customers identifying BBM as the ideal partner for every project.

BBM Service is specialized in buying and selling second-hand machines, which are reconditioned and updated to guarantee excellent performance similar to that of the latest generation machines. Buying used machinery means to reduce considerably the investment if compared with the purchase of a new one, and therefore minimize the risk of error when you go to invest in a new business or project. Many times a bottling company changes its machinery only because it needs to increase production and has new requirements, linked to the format or materials used, but this does not mean that the machinery replaced is old and obsolete.

Buying a used BBM means taking advantage of the competence of experienced technicians, the flexibility of a solution tailored to the customer’s needs, the guarantee of reliability. BBM Service offers an accurate selection of machines that are completely overhauled, updated and offered at very advantageous conditions. It is possible to view all the machines in the showroom of over 7,500 m2, to attend the tests also from a distance and to follow step by step the progress of the revision works until the final test.

In addition to the sale of used machinery we are also specialized in the production and distribution of spare parts compatible with the main bottling and packaging machines. Our spare parts are compatible with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, including 3M, SIDEL, Krones, OCME. They represent a valid, and more economical, alternative that allows you to restore the machinery quickly and effectively!

BBM Service engineers and markets compatible After Market spare parts that allow a saving of 20 to 40% compared to the price of the original. BBM Service ensures a response in 24 hours and guarantees 100% compatibility of parts to the original component. All spare parts produced by BBM are tested and manufactured to work best in any condition and in any environment. The specialized technical department is able to realize and find solutions for any need.

An independent alternative that allows avoiding long waiting times by after-sales services. BBM Service therefore offers a practical and efficient solution for the replacement of spare parts of the main bottling machines. You can test the quality of BBM spare parts by requesting a sample, write an email with the list of machines of your interest at to be contacted without obligation by a BBM technician.