Enolmeccanica Vallebelbo – Asiatic Edition

Enolmeccanica Vallebelbo – Asiatic Edition

Since 1983 Enolmeccanica Vallebelbo has been building a privileged partnership with its customers for the supply of corking and capping machines to which 2 years ago also the company added the rinsing machines.

Both lines of machines are customized according to the specific needs of the customers and are produced in stand-alone versions or as turrets to be fitted on the monoblock machines manufactured by many producers who have become company’s customers.

The machines are developed and produced keeping in mind the specific needs of the sector of use; therefore, they are manufactured with the right characteristics and the most suitable materials to reach high levels of reliability, safety and compliance with the diverse regulations of alimentary and hygienic compatibility.

Its great flexibility allows the company of Cossano Belbo (Cuneo) to meet all needs of its customers while its richness in human resources and technology represents the added value that led it to conquer a wide market share.

Enolmeccanica Vallebelbo offers a range of products able to meet the most varied market sectors: beverage and oenological industry, chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuff branches, often developing customized solution for any type of container, be it of glass or plastic, to supply state-of the art machines, designed and manufactured to meet any specific requirement.

Most parts of the machine are produced inside the factory of the company by using numeric control tool machines so guaranteeing a top-quality final product.

The global market is ever more demanding and the beverage sector is particularly hard, since preservation is essential and challenging, for instance for products like milk and fruit juices, for which we have to develop ever simpler technologies easy to be maintained.

In particular Enolmeccanica Vallebelbo rinsing/sterilizing machines feature innovating solutions that simplify dramatically the sterilization and C.I.P. processes.

Also the requirements of the producers of alcoholic drinks are challenging since the company is requested to design innovating machines for the processing of bottles and closure have always new designs and unusual shapes, therefore, very delicate to be processed.

In conclusion: Enolmeccanica Vallebelbo is a dynamic company that keeps following its guideline based on quality and customer satisfaction, today more than ever.