Vimco – Arabic Edition

Vimco – Arabic Edition

Vimco, born in 1980, is a vibrant, dynamic and flexible company whose core business focuses on the full engineering and in-house manufacturing of complete lines in the secondary packaging, end of line equipment and robotic solutions for the food & beverage and non-food industries as well.

All machines’ components are manufactured in house for a total control of the parts’ quality, aimed to keep a high customer focus level.

The company know-How and ability to customize tailor-made solutions and turn-key systems represent a “unique” asset customers can take advantage of, making Vimco a reliable, qualified Packaging Partner.

An experienced and a technically highly skilled team leads Vimco to be an eclectic, versatile company, capable to offer customers a good variety of top-class solutions across all food market segments with an after sales service up to the tasks and customers’ expectations.

Vimco mainly operates in the bakery, confectionery, dairy, ready meals, grocery, snacks, pet food and coffee business categories. Machines include forming, box closing, cartoning, lidding, sleeving, monoblock, end of line and complete solutions.

Vimco is riding sustainable business practices and represents a good venue to help customers to pursue automation in an eco-friendly environment.

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