Umbra Packaging – South Africa Edition

Umbra Packaging – South Africa Edition

Umbra Packaging, leader worldwide for the supply of bagging and palletising systems, sensible to customers’ needs, persists in the R&D activity to propose top-level products in terms of efficiency and technology. 

Thanks to the Research & Development Divisions’ activities, dedicated to developing technologies for granular and powder materials, the company can supply a line of products for any application ensuring the best performance available in the market. 

All the Umbra Packaging bagging lines are developed to work different kinds of format, from 200g to 50Kg, of any material and type of closure (seal, pinch-top, double fold, sewing), guaranteeing customers unique flexibility.

Considering the customers’ needs in terms of efficiency and reliability in the production processes, special attention has been paid to productivity. The Umbra Packaging installations can produce from 400 b/h to 3000 b/h depending on the products and formats used. 

Umbra Packaging provides fully automated turn-key projects including high-precision weighing and packaging system; robotized palletizer to handle packs, bags and boxes; shrink-wrapper machine; case packer and wrapping machine. 

Umbra Packaging, in line with the evolution of the global market, manufactures machines that follow all Industry 4.0 regulations.

The technologies are patented from the technological and design profile points of view. Essential characteristic is the total automation of the entire production process, which is managed by the same PLC. Changeover is easy, efficient and fully automatic; the operator needs just 60 seconds to switch from one production to another, changing type of bags, formats and closures directly from the panel, without any manual intervention. 

The company has always considered its customers as the central point of its research, and that is why all the range of machines can guarantee irrelevant maintenance costs. All the parts in contact with the product handled can be easily inspected and cleaned, fully washed, thus avoiding any possible contamination.

The company supports all its customers with the internal service, available 24/7, and with the local one, efficiently organized thanks to collaborations developed all over the world, as well as through the subsidiaries located in Brazil and the USA.

This has brought Umbra Packaging to be leader in the global market for the packaging of granular and powder products, also thanks to the efficiency and reliability that all its technology guarantees in the production processes. The UP team is really proud to support many of the most important companies in the world that are continuing to choose Umbra Packaging technology for the complete automatization of their production processes.