Tekno Stamap – Asiatic Edition

Tekno Stamap – Asiatic Edition

Thanks to constant customer care and following the needs of a constantly evolving market, Tekno Stamap has created a new interface between user and machine: PAD.

Tekno Stamap Process Assist Device will allow you to work more easily and in order, eliminating recipes stuck to the wall and post-it notes from your laboratories. With PAD, in fact, you can save your recipes up to a maximum of 30 and recall them whenever you need to perform the processing.

This device, created exclusively by Tekno Stamap for its most demanding customers, will allow you to work with your manual LAM2 dough sheeters, baguette moulders and refiners with an innovative and functional human-machine interaction for your laboratories. The PAD display will show information regarding the cylinder opening, the specifications of the processing of each program saved, the number of processes required to complete the cycle and much more.

PAD will also be used to keep your Tekno Stamap machine under control, as it will notify you in advance of all routine maintenance and working time, to monitor the use and improve assistance and to increase attention to the needs of each customer.