Vibrowest – Asiatic Edition

Vibrowest – Asiatic Edition

Vibrowest sifting Technologies

Vibrowest vibratory sifter equipment is necessary to protect your ingredients from unwanted contaminants and impurities, and to ensure that particle sizes are aligned with your specifications.

They are available for various applications such as check-screening, grading, classifying and de-dusting.

The benefits of using Vibrowest screening equipment:

– Sifting capabilities are crucial in food manufacturing, as it is the only way to ensure products are free from contaminants.

– Quality vibratory screens and other equipment are needed to keep facilities clean and the employees safe.

– Reduce the operating cost and downtime in your plant.

Vibrowest round units are available in a variety of sizes, from 16’’ (ø 400mm) up to 90’’ (ø 2250mm), and configurations with included the ultrasonic technology for very fine screening.

Customized solutions and options are available to suit the requirements of all types of food and bakery powders.

Vibrowest vibratory sifters and industrial screeners are ATEX certified, strictly meet the FDA requirements as well as complying with the GMP’s that are needed in the food industry.

For over sixty years, Vibrowest has been a leader in the production of a wide range of separation and screening machines. Its production team manufactures and assembles all Vibrowest equipment on site at its factory in Italy before it is shipped worldwide. The Made in Italy gives the warranty of high quality standards.

Vibrowest technical staff, thanks to many years of experience in the sieving process, is able to offer you the best solution also through lab tests at its headquarters in Solaro (Milan) – Italy.