Tecmes – Asiatic Edition

Tecmes – Asiatic Edition

Customized solutions for excellent performance

Performance and customization, a winning combination since 1984. Tecmes have been producing systems to assemble small and medium elements, base machines for integrators (rotary and linear machines) and solutions for filling and packaging coffee capsules.

Tecmes’ history has been full of successes achieved thanks to the company’s milestones: professionality, passion, personalization and performance. Milestones still guide today its method to engineer highly customized systems.

Tecmes’ approach leads it to solutions for coffee and soluble capsules filling and packaging machines. In the meantime, many of the most important roasters have introduced the so-called “portioned” in their production, using totally Tecmes machines.

Machine production is from 50 to 200 pieces per minute.

In every station, the machine performs a specific operation.

One possible option Tecmes uses is the nitrogen, suitable for keeping quality for a long time.

Tecmes teams work every day with focusing continuous improvement, both by enriching technological know-how by generating constant evolution, and with an “out of the box” mindset aimed at finding increasingly advanced solutions, able to harmonize better with the world of automated production and customer requests.

Machines are EC certified and for the American market, Tecmes can build machines with UL and CSA certification.