Ricciarelli – Asiatic Edition

Ricciarelli – Asiatic Edition

RICCIARELLI SpA is the most important name in the packaging sector thanks to a client portfolio that reaches out five continents. The company has achieved such great success thanks to its staff’s experience and professional proficiency, full understanding and anticipation of the requirements of an ever evolving market, and the capacity of turning them into innovative and efficient solutions supported by closed assistance over time.

Its business. Through continuous development and research process, the company has constantly increased its activity, covering many product sectors, designing and producing increasingly complex and sophisticated packaging and palletizing machines. That has enabled the company to meet the requirements of the customers who intend to offer consumers more and more endearing packages that stand out from the shelves, thus boosting consumptions not only on account of product quality but also attractive packaging.

More work, less waste. New machinery put operator safety first, guaranteeing them optimal work conditions thanks to increasingly automated operations that reduce time waste and human energy down to the minimum while increasing efficiency of the whole production cycle. Taking into consideration factors such as ever smaller space and higher expenses to extend factories, RICCIARELLI has paid into great attention overall dimensions and maintained its plants’ absolute reliability.

A look into the future. With a keen eye on market evolution, RICCIARELLI has embraced the change and developed machines to package food products in paper packaging.

About latest machines of RICCIARELLI production:

– IR30 automatic case packer for bricks and pillow bags for short goods, speed: 30 cases/minute;

– G12RC140 packaging group for spaghetti in carton boxes, speed: 120 carton boxes/minute;

– VSB150S automatic squaring unit (reduced size version) for short goods in bricks bags. 

To see RICCIARELLI complete production range, please visit www.ricciarellispa.it.