Tecnomulipast – Asiatic Edition

Tecnomulipast – Asiatic Edition

TecnoMulipast Srl is an engineering company that designs and manufactures equipment, circuit extraction, industrial equipment and technology. In particular, it specializes in the works of new and assembly of milling plants, and food production of pasta and chocolate.

Undisputed expertise and competence is demonstrated daily in the field also in maintenance, repair and technical assistance operations.

TecnoMulipast was founded in 1999 by bringing together the members’ years of experience gained in the field of large factories. Since then, thanks to the initiative and experience of the two partner, team-spirit and specialization of an in-house team, the quality of its achievements and customer care, the company has been able to gain an important position in the market in just a few years.

TecnoMulipast counts among its customers large national and international groups of milling and pasta production. TecnoMulipast has always pursued the highest customer satisfaction as the first objective of its activity. Cornerstones of the company’s activity are the quality of its results, respect of the timing, maximum satisfaction of customer’s needs, which are analized already at an early stage.

TecnoMulipast srl designs and manufactures extraction and filtration systems and equipment. It produces a wide range of components and accessories made of galvanized steel, stainless steel and other materials on request. New automated production enables mass production of large quantities of standard products available on stock individually.

Thanks to its experience and expertise, TecnoMulipast can create superior-quality plants from scratch at competitive prices, and it also offers some advantages and benefits that come from its partnerships and alliances.

Manufacture, assembly, installation, testing…are all steps and general activities that the company performs in each area and paying attention to details and customization requested, thus standing out increasingly competent, ready and available.

Whoever manages a factory competently and responsibly knows the importance of a prompt skilful and professional technical support. TecnoMulipast is always ready to offer, anywhere, a top-quality technical assistance.

TecnoMulipast Srl is ISO 9001 certified and as a “processing centre” it produces accessories for food and industrial plants.

Extensive experience gained throughout the years has enabled TecnoMulipast to attain such workmanship standard as to be acknowledged as a reliable company, for both the quality of its work and its timely delivery.