RPE – Asiatic Edition

RPE – Asiatic Edition

RPE Solenoid valves Made in Italy

RPE designs, develops and manufactures high-quality solenoid valves, flow meters, pressure reducers, filters and fittings for a wide array of industries and applications. 

RPE has almost 50 years’ experience in the industry, offering its products worldwide. 

RPE is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified and compliant with international food and electrical certifications. 

RPE’s leading assets are its continuous Research & Development and the flexibility to customize products to its customer’s requirements and specifications.

Here are some of the main industries RPE products are installed and applied:

– Professional food equipment

– Ice machines

– Industrial laundry machines

– Coffee & tea machines

– Steam machines

– Water/beverage & filtration systems

– Medical & dental equipment

– Sanitary applications

– Commercial cleaning equipment

– Marine applications

– Irrigation systems

RPE is a well-recognized and professional solution for coffee applications. RPE has developed a wide range of products for the coffee industry, with specific solutions both for professional coffee equipment, like the automatic and superautomatic machines, and also for residential and commercial applications.  

The modern coffee machines, designed to dispense coffee and other beverages such as cappuccino, latte macchiato, tea and hot chocolate, are extremely complex machines that require very detailed designs, high quality and performance components, excellent materials, state of the art industrialization and rigorous testing. 

In order to meet the demands of the food sector, the range of RPE’ solenoid valves, pressure reducers, flow meters and filters are MOCA certified for food contact. RPE products also include international food certifications such as: NSF, WRAS and KTW.

From a performance perspective, RPE products guarantee to its customers the highest quality results, delivering the taste, aroma, and experience of a great coffee and ultimately the satisfaction of the end-user.

: RPE high temperature valves are made in PPSU, a material capable of operating up to 140°C. This allows the water not to undergo thermal changes and to maintain the taste of the beverage.

Pressure: A quality espresso machine needs a working pressure of 9 to 10 bar, however modern coffee machines often require higher pressures to ensure that other functions are performed. RPE valves can work up to 18 to 21 bar, allowing RPE to offer customers greater design flexibility.

: RPE “Steam Series” valves are equipped with a self-cleaning system that mechanically removes the limestone (scale) residues accumulated in the orifices of passage due to high temperature fluids, reducing maintenance and providing a longer life to the equipment.

: RPE valves are tested to withstand diverse cleaning solutions, used for sanitization cycles. RPE valves have been designed to provide easy maintenance: disassembly of RPE valves does not require the use of specific equipment.