PND Srl – South Africa Edition

PND Srl – South Africa Edition

PND: A new pineapple processing plant placed in Costa Rica

There is a growing interest revolving around the processing of pineapple, a fruit suitable not only for fresh consumption but also for other types of transformation.

PND, which is an expert in fruit processing machinery and advanced systems for ready-to-eat products’ companies, as well as for industries in canned, frozen and dehydrated products, has invested in quality and innovation, providing technological solutions aligned with new consumption habits.

The company, which is active on a worldwide market, has recently placed a dedicated plant just for pineapple in Costa Rica, the world’s leader for exports of the exotic fruit. The plant, that processes up to two tons per hour, consists of the PL4D machine, for peeling and coring, and the SS8 cutter for cutting into wedges and cubes.

The PL4D semi-automatic peeler is manual loading, intuitive and user-friendly and provides a production of 24/28 fruits per minute. Dual-speed adjustment of fruit rotation and blade allows for unrivaled flexibility. The machine is also equipped with two conveyor belts, i.e., one for peeled product and the other for waste product, a chute for waste product, and inspection and attestation counters. Its stainless-steel structure for the food industry, which is essential for food processing, ensures maximum durability and hygiene in the processing environment. Each fruit is easily peeled, even if it is irregular and uncalibrated, with a yield of 55%, a waste that does not exceed 45%, and without affecting its nutritional and organoleptic integrity.

The SS8 segmenting machine, on the other hand, with its output of 35 to 40 fruits per minute, is a semi-automatic machine that allows cutting into different shapes and sizes, thanks to the possibility of replacing cutters and plungers. The operator only has to load the product, as the automatic mechanism is equipped with plungers that push the fruit through the cutters, allowing it to be cut and collected on the appropriate exit belt. Parts in contact with the fruits are certified for the food industry, and all components are easily interchangeable.

Remarkable versatility of action, ease of use and integration into production processes, as well as effective and quick maintenance and customer care result not only in lower costs but also in improved results. PND has managed to win the trust of both industry technicians and customers, who recognize its machineries as a unique partner. In fact, it is able, thanks to its ability to listen to the customer, to give a prompt response to its purchasers with specific processing lines.

The fact of being able to provide high quality products and constant care, within an increasingly globalized and competitive market context, represents an added value that does make the difference.

It is possible to visit the website in order to consult the catalog of available machineries and examine the available lines, as well as all the international trade fairs in which the company has taken and will take part.

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