PND – South Africa Edition

PND – South Africa Edition

PND: A new generation of peelers for Williams pears

Founded in 2000, PND is one of the leading companies in the production of fruit processing machinery. More than 1,400 machines sold and 23 years of activity, during which it has invested in innovation, specializing in the design and development of advanced systems for ready-to-eat products’ companies and for already established industries in canned, frozen and dehydrated products. 

Its business relates to export, which is worth 90% of the total turnoverer. PND operates, in fact, on a global scale and is strongly present in Europe, South America, the United States, Asia, Australia and Africa. A developed company know-how and an optimal integration in the production processes enabled the implementation of new strategies of approach to the processes of manufacturing and transformation of products in the supply chain.

There are 19 machines in the catalogue that are easy to intuit, use and maintain.

Strawberry, apple, pear, kiwi, melon, pineapple, mango, peach, lemon, watermelon, citrus; each fruit has different intrinsic and external characteristics and responds to different market needs. It is in fact possible, through targeted requests, to carry out additional operations, for example to combine a machine suitable for cutting into wedges and cubes with the peeler. A vision enabling to pay attention to technological performance, perfectly tailored to the needs of those who choose them. Quality, solidity, production and performance make these machines an ideal partner for processing.

It is impossible not to mention the PEARL6, six-headed peeler, coring machine and segmenter for Williams pears. Unique in its kind, many advantages and advanced technologies detach it from competitors in terms of characteristics, user friendliness, maintenance costs and accessibility for washing and sanitizing all components.

The machine, built according to Directive 2006/42/EEC, has a production capacity of 72 fruits per minute and can be fed both manually, through an operator, and automatically. The shift is made simply by switching the mode with a key selector on the control panel, without moving the automatic loader. The structure is entirely made of stainless steel and all the mechanical parts are insulated and safeguarded by appropriate casings, to protect users. It is also equipped with an HMI touch screen monitor, through which it is possible to view the processing and adjust the phase systems, optimizing the product. The peeling adapts to any size of pears and different degrees of ripeness and texture; in fact, very ripe fruits are also processed, without spoiling the pulp. 

The optimization of the stem and flower system of the product determines an increase in performance and the transmission system with toothed belts allows, instead, the elimination of any noise. All tools, blades and consumables, then, are easy to replace and adjust.

Relying on PND means, therefore, receiving personalized assistance: as a matter of fact, customer care is quick and effective and covers every latitude. The company, available for any ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, has highly specialized and trained multilingual collaborators, and an after-sales service that meets any request.

Within an increasingly globalized and competitive market context, knowing how to provide high quality products and constant care is an added value that makes the difference. Its key strength? Listening to the customer. The customer is in fact constantly assisted, from the design to the purchase and commissioning of the machinery.

Discover the PND world by visiting the website where you can take a look at the catalogue of the available lines and the different machinery, as well as view all the national and international fairs in which the company participated and will participate.

For further information you can write to groups, so that the customer can save on the cost of the single piece and order all the necessary spare parts at once.