Molitecnica Sud – Arabic Edition

Molitecnica Sud – Arabic Edition

Augmented reality for avant-garde milling plant design

Molitecnica Sud designs and produces customized 100% Made in Italy certified milling and agri-food plants. The company, which has always been committed as a “solution provider”, supplies its customers with personalized consultancy and pre- and post-sales technical assistance. The company’s flagship is customized design: each project is unique and tailor-made to the customer’s needs.

During the last years, more and more applications for augmented reality have been developed, enabling an accurate analysis and a quick problem solving. Avant-garde companies are already using this technology to offer innovative and efficient services.

Thanks to augmented reality, Molitecnica Sud has also expanded its service package. The result of using AR technology is the new augmented reality design service. The latter involves the use of visors, which allow, by means of certain algorithms that calculate distances and spaces in real time and insert digital objects into the surrounding environment, to view installations and interact with machines by disassembling them with a simple “click”.

This makes it possible not only to project a full-size preview of the plant, showing it within the space where the machines will be installed, but also to verify that there are no structural obstacles.

Molitecnica Sud previewed its new augmented reality service at IPACKIMA 2022 fair in Milan. The company invested with determination in one of the most important events in the agri-food industry, welcoming its visitors into an environment animated by 4.0 technologies. 

The event took place completely in augmented reality and visitors found themselves in front of a large, completely empty booth; then, curiously, they put on their visors and observed several machines and systems. Not to be underestimated is the eco-sustainable aspect: this avoided an estimated 2 tonnes of CO2 consumption due to transporting the machines to the fair.

Carlo Pellicola, CEO of Molitecnica Sud, says about AR technology: “Our customers are appreciating the new augmented reality service. This allows, right from the early stages of design, an idea of the desired plant, even before cutting any piece of metal! AR technology is a real operational tool, which gives added value to our company”.

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