Millennium Engineering – Arabic Edition

Millennium Engineering – Arabic Edition

ME Food Solutions: Beyond to where none has gone before 

1996-2021. Millennium Engineering celebrates its 25th anniversary in the name of 3 keywords: Passion, Projects, and People, inspiring performance circularity and stemming from Eng. Luca Priore’s expertise and strong guidance.

ME Food Solutions is therefore the brand that conveys the ability to understand every specific food processing requirement with flexibility, innovation, customized design and remarkable professional helpfulness, guaranteeing efficient, tested solutions that can optimize two highly sensible parameters: cost control and space management.

Headquartered in the Province of Padua and with a network of dealers all over the world, ME Food Solutions is acknowledged as a sound benchmark especially in the bakery sector, thanks to its ability to manage all processing stages, from leavening to cooling and freezing.

ME Food Solutions exceeds itself one more time

With the new line, it goes beyond the limits reached so far. A new pasteurization plant where 1,600 Kg/product are processed at 90°C. sets the bar even higher and breaks down another barrier. Today, it can say to be able to build spiral plants with belt width up to mm1400.

In the table, some figures to fully understand the size. (Tab. 1).

The pasteurization system has been installed on the premises of the most important salty snacks producer of Northern Europe. Owing to its size, all plants are assembled and pre-tested (FAT) either on the Curtarolo premises, Padua, or at the new facilities in San Martino di Lupari, Padua, of 10,000 sqm. The customer and its technicians examined and verified the new solutions adopted for the plant’s particular size, and the temperature it will undergo.

Great satisfaction for the smooth motion of the belt also at very low speed, less than 1m/min (< 39 inch/min). The goal has been hit once again with no lubrication, crucial condition to guarantee hygiene and absence of product contamination with lubrication particles.

Research on increasingly modern and advanced technopolymers has enabled ME Food Solutions to always guarantee, also at extreme temperatures, high performance and absolute reliability. That has been possible thanks to accurate durability and reliability tests, where the components used for manufacturing the plant have undergone significant stress tests, passed with widely safety margin to get spiral’s reliability. This allows offering a safe and functional system in demanding work conditions of 2/3 work shifts for 6/7 day/week. 

With the washing systems consisting of 2 KARCHER pumps, whose working pressure is 120 bar, a double-row of rotating nozzles is fed. One row is above the belt and the other below. In addition to this, a dosing system enables detailed detergent distribution before washing. The same system is also used for the distribution of the sanitizing solution when detergent, washing and drying phases are complete. This solution guarantees unmatched cleaning of the surface where the products to be treated are placed.

Once again, ME Food Solutions stands out as market leader in thermal processes for food products, with flexible and reliable solutions. Where other producers cannot succeed.”

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