Mini Motor Spa – South Africa Edition

Mini Motor Spa – South Africa Edition

Mini Motor redefines format changeover

Introducing FCL, the innovation aligned with the future

Mini Motor, Italian leader company in the field of innovative solutions and mechatronics, integrates electronics and computer science into its motors, designed to adapt to the needs of a constantly evolving market such as industrial automation and motion control.

The company, with over 58 years of experience and an extensive network of distributors, is currently present in over 50 countries with branches in Europe, the USA, and the United Arab Emirates, in order to reach an ever-increasing number of companies worldwide with its innovations.

The latest marvel from Mini Motor is called FCL (Fast Change Linear), and is the ideal solution for linear format changes.

Designed to adapt to all applications that require a linear type of format change, it’s available in two versions, both 100 and 200 mm of extension range, applicable both vertically and horizontally. This solution is especially suitable for machines that require frequent format changes, such as the movement of sides and barriers in the adjustment of belts within machine flow.

FCL is made to last over time, thanks to the care and attention used in materials choice: the shaft is stainless steel and is IP 65 classified, therefore dust and water protected. It can push up to 200 newton of force and supports 5 kg on fully extended shaft, thus ensuring high-level performance.

But the real strength of FCL, like all products in FC family, lies in its versatility and technological innovation. Equipped with the most common field buses for connectivity, it can also be integrated with Mini Motor’s new COA (Can Over Air) wireless technology.

Mini Motor offers the possibility to adapt FCL to the specific operational needs of customers, providing customized response to the most complex challenges, as an added value to the product.

With FCL, Mini Motor does not just offer a quality product, but proposes an integrated solution, that can meet the most different needs and increase efficiency and productivity by reducing machine downtime.

A real revolution in the world of format change, which once again confirms the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

A commitment that, as demonstrated by FCL, shows no limits.