Livetech – Eastern Europe Edition

Livetech – Eastern Europe Edition

Livetech is an Italian company whose headquarters is located in Monticello d’Alba, between the hilly landscapes of Langhe and Roero, areas known all over the world for their products of excellence. Livetech and its specialized divisions operate in complete synergy and are able to supply a wide range of products, from single machines to complete packaging systems and chocolate moulding lines. Primary wrapping, secondary packaging, palletizing, chocolate moulding: Livetech offers cutting-edge solutions in each of these sectors. Livetech products are oriented towards excellence, like those of the company’s territory.

A customer’s unique product is the driving force for each project. Thanks to close collaboration with its customers, Livetech can provide specific technical solutions focused on the fundamental aspects of marketing, cost optimization, process automation and sustainability. A fundamental added value that Livetech provides is the willingness to engineer customized solutions. 

Livetech’s traditional field of activity, namely automatic secondary packaging systems, now includes an expanded range of products. Robotic secondary packaging lines, in two versions: X-Series, focused on high performance and high customization, and E-Series, focused on simplicity, efficiency and energy savings. Livetech range includes multifunctional top loading systems, side loading systems, cases erectors, cases sealers, vertical formers, and much more: our solutions can handle any type of packaging. Among Livetech most popular solutions are the LWA-TH case packer, which can make wrap-around and tray + hood boxes, and the new concept multifunctional systems based on the use of independent shuttles able to optimize forming, filling and closing of cases and boxes of various types in a compact design. Livetech also provides stand-alone machines dedicated to specific functions, which can be integrated into existing manual systems to introduce automation elements.

In the field of primary packaging, Liveflow is specialized in the design and production of automatic systems for the handling, management, and primary packaging of several types of food products. Liveflow offers a wide range of products, ranging from horizontal flowpack packaging machines to X-fold systems, integrable with dedicated feeding systems.

Livepal offers palletizing systems, from simple systems with cartesian axes, to more complex systems equipped with industrial robots able to manage multi-channel lines. For instance, the palletizing unit LPA is a simple and compact cell capable of handling boxes coming from a single line, that can match any kind of layout and it can be equipped, accordingly to the requests, with a wide range of accessories.

Livemould is the division of Livetech specialized in the design and production of machines, plants and equipment dedicated to the world of chocolate moulding. Livemould also can offer a wide range of solutions. Complete lines to produce coupled subjects such as eggs, spheres, various figures. Lines for the production of semi-finished products such as drops and strips of chocolate. “One-shot” depositors. Moulding systems for hollow figures, solid tablets, and chocolate bars.

Consultancy is for Livetech a strategic element for the development of successful projects. Livetech specialists are involved in the creation of new blanks and the modification of existing ones in order to meet the needs of each customer. The direct interface of Livetech specialists with papermaking companies allows the formulation of the most suitable solution in a very short time.

Livetech’s technological specialists, relying on their experience in moulding products and the related production processes, analyze and compare the latest technologies to help improving the quality of the processes and productivity of the systems.

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