Landucci – Arabic Edition

Landucci – Arabic Edition

Landucci has long stood for tradition and advanced technology – a combination forged from a century of experience combined with the ability to interpret the present and to innovate through developing new technologies whilst overcoming the challenges that an increasingly demanding market requires.

Landucci offers solutions to increase production performance in terms of both quality and quantity. By developing synergies with common goals, it works alongside its clients to raise their production to the best achievable levels.

Landucci’s undertakings are based on extremely specialised skills and extensive investments in technology and research. Indeed, the recent acquisition of the Zamboni company, as a name of excellence in the Bologna pasta sector, represents an important step in Landucci’s project of development and expansion of technologies available to its clients. As a matter of fact, it is the attention to clients’ needs that guides Landucci, inspires significant innovations and leads to the registration of patents, each of which represents a true technological achievement. Landucci has invested years in the development of the revolutionary Twin Flow cutting unit, with fluid-dynamic studies on the behaviour of the air inside the dies and dough transport, along with the optimisation of the design for total control of production with the utmost efficiency. Thus, Twin Flow guarantees the client optimal air flow adjustment in accordance with actual production needs. Yet, for Landucci, each objective achieved is merely a starting point. Innovation is constant and continuous global advancement focuses our attention on broader horizons, to far-reaching commitments that embrace resource optimisation plus water and energy savings. To this end, Landucci has patented die-cleaning systems that use half the standard water and energy resources whilst achieving exceptional results. After all, we want innovation to be sustainable.

The values Landucci upholds form part of its most authentic tradition. Indeed, Landucci is proud to now have the fourth generation of the family guiding the company into the future. This significant legacy stimulates its commitment and makes it part of a project in which clients are an active part of the company.

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