Inox Meccanica Spa – South Africa Edition

Inox Meccanica Spa – South Africa Edition

PIC 99 BCE: Evolving technology since 1983

For the past 40 years, Inox Meccanica has been offering complete innovative technology services for automatic industrial meat processing machinery.

A broad product portfolio extends from machines for automatic pressing, forming and stuffing of meat in nets and casings to a selection of machines engineered for the washing industry.

As far as the entire automatic stuffing sector is concerned, Inox Meccanica flagship is certainly the PIC 99 BCE, which stands for automatic press, stuffing, and clipping machine. It was created for the stuffing of whole muscles and therefore specifically for those traditions of the Italian market such as coppe, pancetta, bresaola, hams, loins and, in particular configurations, even roasts.

With the PIC 99 BCE, it is possible to stuff in cellulosic, collagen, plastic and elastic casings and the product can be packed in casing and net at the same time, bringing considerable time savings. The machine has been upgraded over the years to follow step by step the evolution of the finished product and the demands of existing and new customers. Today, the PIC 99 BCE is capable of producing bars of product, ready for slicing, up to a maximum length of 1200 mm.

Throughout the years, Inox Meccanica R&D department alongside its designers and programming team have made significant enhancements and technical upgrades to this machine. Continuous improvements that are being developed by adapting the machine to each of customers’ production challenges.

Today, in fact, Inox Meccanica is pursuing an increasingly strong and present idea of electrification, almost totally abandoning what was the common practice of using pneumatics on this type of machinery. We Inox Meccanica has introduced, for some time now, the electric pusher with adjustable speed that allows the machine to be really smooth and super versatile in ‘format changes’ and in recent months Inox Meccanica has been developing other parts to make the PIC 99 BCE more and more performing and constant in work.

PIC 99 BCE could be either equipped with manual loading, safer and even more ergonomic, or with automatic loading via a belt that automatically positions the product to be bagged inside the mould, considerably speeding up the stuffing cycle and leaving the operator with only the task of positioning the product on the belt.

A further feature is the automatic tube changing system, thanks to which the operator no longer has to constantly monitor the level of casing and net use. When finished, the machine activates the tube changing system to avoid machine downtime so that the operator can load the new casing and net onto the empty tube while the machine continues its cycle.

Inox Meccanica machine is extremely versatile and comes with moulds from ø800mm up to ø1100mm. Its versatility is given not only by the large number of products that can be stuffed, but also by the brand-new electric pusher, with adjustable stroke, allowing speed adjustment and, above all, adjustment of the force with which the product is pushed into the tube, a vital point when using particularly delicate casings.

Inox Meccanica’s ongoing innovation in process technology does not end here, because with a view to offering ever more punctual services and complete solutions, Inox Meccanica has also added to its PIC a state-of-the-art Stick Loader that allows bagged products to be placed on sticks and hung for curing.

Inox Meccanica’s line is ultra-tested and under continuous enhancement as the real achievement this company cares about is its customers’ satisfaction.