Finpac Sleeve – Eastern Europe Edition

Finpac Sleeve – Eastern Europe Edition

Finpac Group, unstoppable growth trend

Technological innovation, sustainability, and customer service are the pillars that drive Finpac Sleeve’s expansion, a company that started as a manufacturer of sleeve machines and became an international benchmark to the entire beverages industry.

Finpac Sleeve Group’s 30 year-history has been characterized by constant growth, with the goal of creating a business reality able to dominate the packaging market. Thanks to a robust programme of investments, Finpac Sleeve Group introduces itself as a one-stop source for big wineries that need turnkey solutions, but it also offers compact solutions that better fit smaller-size firms. In addition to this, thanks to the integration of various experts of the sector, today Finpac Sleeve Group also covers nearly all the packaging world with low-speed to high-speed machines.

Sustainability and innovation

Finpac Sleeve Group has recently introduced its new LS at BBTech Expo – Rimini, February 2023.

Finpac Sleeve’s most recent investment is the new low-speed machine LS. A highly versatile, robust machine that delivers maximum flexibility in terms of adaptability and easy maintenance of a broad range of products, of any size and content, full or empty, with partial, full body label and/or guarantee seal, with speed ranging from 1,500 to 12,000 bph.

Further news from Finpac Sleeve to be presented during the trade fair in Rimini will be the cutting group with fast blade changing, already installed in France and South Africa, for optimized time of blade running and manpower’s time saving. That is a relevant benefit that will give customers the possibility to install this system in all their machines and further optimize their processes.

The circle is closed with two projects, a hot-air oven and Autosplice, that will be Finpac Sleeve range’s flagship products in 2023.

Partner at global level

Finpac Sleeve Group expects to close 2023 with a tripled turnover on 2022, with the goal of growing it five folds within some years, thanks to new technology, with vertical and horizontal expansion. This way, the Group will be a single-stop source and partner for all labelling stages.

Finpac Sleeve’s customers, initially international, have also grown in Italy as much as covering all beverages sectors. With fifteen agents and sales offices all over the world, 85% of the Group’s turnover comes from abroad. Europe accounts for half of this share, while the strongest non-European Countries are Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Mexico, Africa and Australia.

As well as sustainability and innovation, customer service is further pillar of Finpac Sleeve Group; Plants constantly need update, maintenance or extension, and that’s why investing in a widespread network in fundamental to provide assistance to customers around the globe.

General Manager of Finpac Sleeve, Erik Granzon says…

A considerable programme of investments has helped Finpac Group to establish itself in international markets as an all-round technology provider for the world of packaging. What about this expansion path and the company’s new identity?

Finpac Sleeve Group’s expansion stems from the determination to be a technological partner for the Wine&Beverage industry, with innovation as sustainability driver. Finpac Sleeve enters the market as bearer of solid tradition and promoter of labelling machine design and manufacture, machines featuring innovative design; intelligent solutions that meet requirements such as competitiveness, production efficiency, flexibility, energy saving, and simplicity in production plant management. Hence the new SHM LS applicator, the new labelling machine designed and developed thanks to decade-long experience gained in cooperation with the biggest and most famous world’s bottlers.

Let’s talk about Finpac Sleeve new sleeve applicator SHM LS

The new model SHM LS from Finpac Sleeve is a sturdy and highly versatile sleeve applicator that grants maximum elasticity in terms of adaptability, and it is equipped with the most advanced electronics made in Italy. Finpac Sleeve has privileged Italian suppliers and state-of-the-art technical solutions, eco-friendly, as to improve kinematics and manage increasingly thinner eco-compatible sleeves.

The model SMH LS is a sturdy and highly versatile sleeve applicator that grants maximum elasticity in terms of adaptability and easy management of a wide range of products, of any shape and content, full or empty, with partial, full body label, and/or guarantee seal, with speed ranging from 1,500 to 12,000 bph.

Finpac Sleeve presented this latest labelling development on occasion of BBTech Expo trade fair, one of the most important international events for the food and beverage industry that encompasses all the aspects of food production, to offer users a useful tool to tackle the market’s new challenges. SHM LS grants maximum performance and top customer satisfaction.

How is sustainability part of your growth strategy?

We deem sustainability central issue, and cross to all process stages, as well as inherent part to our growth strategy: In addition to its intrinsic value and relevance to society’s wellbeing, having sustainability as design parameter enables our customer to offer products and solutions that can reduce waste and consumption, minimize the impact on the environment and provide excellent performance with small energy consumption.

Future project for the beginning of 2023?

Finpac Sleeve starts a new project of shrink sleeve applicator for third parties, innovative packaging technology that offers the possibility of automatic sleeve application, performed both empty and full. This specific processing enables personalizing a part or the whole surface of the product, adjusting the sleeves to all shapes and sizes, graphically exploiting the entire surface where the sleeve is applied on.

Ilaria Zilio – CEO of Finpac Sleeve, concludes saying “We will always be grateful to our customers for sharing their visions and targets, enabling us to develop, refine and propose relevant and quality products, and to continue our journey made of passion, proactive, evaluative and quality analysis that aims to meet the real and changing needs of a continuously developing market.”