Ferraroni AFP – Eastern Europe Edition

Ferraroni AFP – Eastern Europe Edition

EF 300, the new tilter that conquers the industry

Extensive experience, knowledge of materials, and qualified technical staff have enabled AFP Ferraroni to introduce EF 300 and conquer modern industries.

AFP Ferraroni has developed the new tilter and meets the needs and requirements of the modern, innovative food industry, where a design that ensures effective sanitation, easy handling and moving is the key, especially in food processing areas.

Cleaning design

• It allows for quick, easy sanitation

• Made of stainless steel AISI 304

Easy to use

• Two push-button panels, one on each side, to simplify activities in small food-processing environments

• A rechargeable battery with a waterproof socket mounted on the flipper shell and battery charger

Ergonomic design

• Front spinning wheels

• Large lateral handles to facilitate movements.