Enolmeccanica Vallebelbo – Eastern Europe Edition

Enolmeccanica Vallebelbo – Eastern Europe Edition

Enolmeccanica Vallebelbo offers state-of-the-art closing machines, designed and produced to fully meet any specific requirement. In addition, the entire machine complies with CE norms. This is a dynamic company whose philosophy is focused on high quality and customer-satisfaction.

Enolmeccanica Vallebelbo machine range is designed in compliance with the CE norms and manufactured in stainless steel 304, food-graded plastic materials and steel alloys, thus granting sturdiness and easy cleaning/sterilization.

The machine projects are developed by means of CAD-CAM systems to grant functionality, yield, safety and long-life. The making of mechanics and structural parts is fully carried out on the company’s premises thanks to the most modern work centres and CNC.

100% machineries produced undergo strict controls at every process stage up to the final start-up. Safety, according to the recent and strictest European standards, is guaranteed by certifications and homologations issued by international control and homologation authorities.

ANTARES, the capping machine featuring a new design

Antares, the capper for flat corks and/or mushroom corks, features new design with stainless steel guards, and guarantees production of 2,700 bottle/h. The cork distribution is performed by mechanic hopper or cork orientation pre-setting.

Antares delivers remarkable user-friendliness thanks to fast bottle changeover, height change of mechanic machinery (and possibility of electric device). The speed change is by inverter in the machine motor. PLC manages machinery and electric components. It is also possible to install sensors for complete machine automation (no entering bottles/exiting bottle accumulation, no corks in the hopper and presence of caps in exiting bottles).

Safety sensors complies with the safety norms for work environments.

It is also possible to mount the Industry 4.0 module with tele and remote assistance, and vacuum capping systems, nitrogen injection into bottle neck, product levelling inside the bottle.

The machinery can also be personalized not only upon process requirements (cork height and diameter, or non-standard bottles), but also to make it certifiable to specific non-EU standards (or special power), such as UL/CSA.