Elvem – Asiatic Edition

Elvem – Asiatic Edition

Founded in the late ‘60s, in Bassano del Grappa, 70 km from Venice (Italy), Elvem Electric Motors is firmly established on the Italian motor market and in more than 40 countries worldwide.

The second generation leads the company with a particular focus on technological innovation and development. 

Thanks to the stock of almost 100,000 finished motors (including electric motors with IE4 energy efficiency, Permanent Magnets, NEMA and Medium Voltage), parts and semi-finished products, Elvem guarantees an excellent service to every industry.

The food and agricultural industries have always been ones of its main markets, in particular for motors mounted in machinery such as automatic mixers, planetary mixers and winemaking plants. 

Thanks to decades of experience, Elvem is able to adapt its motors to the specific needs of the customers, designing tailored products.

Particularly for the food industry, Elvem can supply motors made of sandblasted aluminum, with other specific paints or AISI 316L with IP69K protection rating.

Encapsulated electric motors can be proposed for environmental where the continuous washes and sanitation generate humidity. Elvem’s motors can also be mounted where high or low temperature are reached, for example ovens or conditioning systems.

At the same time, the company has invested in the design of the casing, with an aim to make it more compact, easy to use, with efficient heat dissipation.

In recent years, motors with built-in inverters have been very successful, since they allow remote monitoring and programming, under the valuable guidance and support of Elvem’s technical staff.

The website features several sections providing more details about the complete range of motors and all customized solutions that the company is able to propose.

Elvem’s focus is offer high-performance products with low energy consumption, reduced business management costs and low environmental impact.