EUROSTAR – Asiatic Edition

EUROSTAR – Asiatic Edition

EUROSTAR, the future arises from tradition

Thanks to the deep knowledge of traditions and the great passion for the territory that characterizes Italians, for more than 25 years EUROSTAR has been designing, manufacturing and installing bottling systems based on state-of-the-art filling technologies and turn-key lines according to the most advanced packaging know-how.

EUROSTAR serves primary companies worldwide in all major markets: water and beverage, beer, wine and spirits, food products, oils, personal care, home care, pharmaceutical and chemical.

More than 1200 EUROSTAR bottling systems are installed worldwide and assisted by the after-sales service network.

The “core” of EUROSTAR machines is made up of components that are designed and manufactured internally; this allows proposing and implementing high quality tailor-made solutions that satisfy all needs such as, for example, those of the fine liquor market.

EUROSTAR technologies cover all the major needs of liquid filling, up to medium viscosity: from light depression to high vacuum, from counter-pressure (mechanic and electro-pneumatic) to volumetric (mechanic and electronic with flow-meters).

EUROSTAR counter-pressure technology is now available on a new range of canning machines equipped with the seaming devices designed and manufactured by EUROSTAR itself because its goal has always been to evolve, improve and differentiate.

The production capacity of EUROSTAR bottling systems ranges from 1000 up to 24000 BPH for glass, PET and all other polymers containers, covering all the capping options available on the market.