ELSITEC – Asiatic Edition

ELSITEC – Asiatic Edition

Elsitec is a company based in Verona, Italy, that manufactures many technical items for industrial machines, but not only. Its production range is very wide and it is divided into the following groups:

A. Automatic tensioners for chains and belts

B. Rubber suspension units

C. Oscillating mountings

D. Anti-vibration mounts

E. Motor bases

F. Idler sprockets

G. Cylindrical bobbins-buffers

H. Support and levelling components

Elsitec produces innovation to control-guide-absorb vibrations.

All product families from “A” to “E” take advantage of the same operating principle, that is, the elastic deformation of four natural rubber circular inserts, placed inside the space resulting from the coupling of two metal sections mounted at 45° with respect to each other. This Elsitec technology allows the company to dampen vibrations until they are eliminated. These products are characterized by a technology that makes them maintenance-free and silent as there are no metal parts in contact. 

Elsitec, your partner for vibration control.