Dolzan – Eastern Europe Edition

Dolzan – Eastern Europe Edition

The company DOLZAN IMPIANTI srl, which has been working in the packaging field since 1962, owes its success to the long experience in the sector and the continuous technical refinement aiming at providing its clients with the best solutions available on the market.

The results of this passion, which has been lasting for over 55 years, take shape in a wide range of packaging machines whose main characteristics are the versatility, the reliability and the user-friendly aspect. DOLZAN IMPIANTI has grown with its clients and created solid grounds with the great determination for a promising future.

Designed in a rational and essential way, suitable for the food, pharmaceutical, pet food, confectionary, chemical, mechanical industries and others, Dolzan vertical packaging machines represent the best way to pack any type of products in bulk, be they granular, powdery or liquid, starting from flat foil reel.

They can handle any thermoplastic or polyethylene film, thermo sealable film or polypropylene and complex material.

Packaging lines with electronic weighers (linear and multihead weighers), volumetric dosers (volumetric cups or auger filler), with the possibility of combining two different dosers on the same machine, are available for packing into pillow pack, flat bottomed bags, gusseted bags, bags with handle, clip, doystyle bag and bags with vacuum.

Dolzan packaging machines can be equipped with a range of accessories, such as: bucket elevators for granular products, screw feeding systems for powders, synchronized elevators for counted products, printers, rotating collection tables and many more. Important equipment is a nitrogen injection system that allows extending the product shelf life; the device acts on the air composition inside the bag, reducing the oxygen percentage replacing it with by nitrogen.

The wide range of packaging machines and dosers the company can offer, allows satisfying different demands in terms of product, bag shape and dimension.

Dolzan packaging machines are created by a qualified team whose aim is to provide a highly performing product. Its Made in Italy finds its expression in a high-quality product suitable for the most demanding customers’ needs.

The company’s customer-care service gives its clients a direct access to its specialized technicians in order to ask for information and solve problems in real time. Client care continues a tour customer site with timely and effective assistance by DOLZAN IMPIANTI’s qualified operators.