Agriflex – Eastern Europe Edition

Agriflex – Eastern Europe Edition

Micro Ingredients

Complete system for weighing, dosing and storing ingredients for food production

Micro ingredient units are designed for storing and dosing (by weight) small and medium quantities of micro ingredients which are added to the main ingredients of the recipe. The micro-dosing station is ideal for biscuit, bread and pastry-making industries and food products in general, and it is designed to provide a fully reliable and safe food production process. Accurate weighing ensures recipe standardization, whereas plant automation reduces costs.


• Perfect dosing and reduced waste

Very accurate dosing during recipe execution; raw material waste and production of non-compliant materials are minimized.

• Technological integration

It can be perfectly integrated into the main plant.

• Process automation = Fast and cheap

The high automation level guarantees fast dosing, lower management costs, accurate traceability, and fewer human errors.

• Customised discharge outlets and moving organs

The discharge outlet shape and components applied to the discharge technologies can be adapted to the features of the product to be handled – pitch of endless screws, agitator blades and screw feeders.

Easy inspection and cleaning

• The portholes can be easily removed to clean the tanks internally

• The screw feeder can be disassembled through quick fastening systems that make it possible to pull out the endless screw

• The moving organs like endless screws are machined from solid, ensuring low sliding tolerance and no sediments


The ideal cradle for the production of natural liquid yeast

Industrial plants and standalone machines for the production of natural liquid yeast and poolish suitable for different types of flours and starters.


• Consistent product quality

Replicable production process resulting in consistent finished product quality.

• Space maximisation

Reduction in occupied space and equipment such as proving baskets and retarder prover cabinets.

• Minimum operator involvement

The high automation level does not require skilled workers.

Quality-related benefits of natural liquid yeast

• Reduction or elimination of brewer’s yeast and adjuvant additives

• Relaxing effect on the dough, making it more stretchy, greater softness and improved shelf-life

• More regular crumb structure and thinner crust

• Better resistance to moulds and stringy bacteria

• Improved characteristic flavours and fragrances

• Improved nutritional value of the finished product due to the prolonged action of bacteria and yeasts

• Reduction of the phytic acid present in wholemeal bread

• Reduction of brewer’s yeast intolerance effect

• Consistency of results (reliable production quality)