Zanin F.lli – Asiatic Edition

Zanin F.lli – Asiatic Edition

Zanin F.lli Srl, Italian excellence synonymous with quality, avantgarde, research and personalization, specializing in cereal malthouses, flour mixing silos, double-aspiration, stainless steel sieve cleaners for food use, air filtering systems, Dust Stop – Zanin patented hopper for product loading with no powder dispersion, as well as drum cleaners, cereal double-aspiration sieve cleaners, sorting lines, dryers and refrigeration systems.

In the industrial sector, Zanin f.lli specializes in fertilizer handling and storage, coating Drums design and production, cleaning and transport in rail and ship unloading, port hopper design and production, belt and chain conveyors, and big bucket elevators.

Established in 1956 and always attentive to market demand, Zanin f.lli provides its best advice to find the right solutions.


Malting work is no longer privilege of big-size industrial producers; in fact, thanks to Zanin f.lli, today it is possible to produce excellence in batches of 500 kg max.

60-year experience in drying and air handling meets the requirement of producing large variety of malt and producing special flour, new bases for bakery products, mixes for intolerant people, and malts for breweries and distillers. 

As far as flour is concerned, Zanin f.lli has developed a system that receives, weighs and homogeneously mixes the various types of flour as to enable users to always grant far better products and customizable recipes. Thanks to an ISO 9001 TÜV SÜD certified production process, Zanin f.lli supplied quality machines and plants designed by means of the best 3D graphic programmes, created, tested and produced in its warehouses.

Zanin f.lli is also environmentally friendly and its machines are studied to reduce energy and fuel consumption, and to eliminate air impurity.

is flagship of the company’s vision of an eco-friendlier world, a patented system that does not disperse powder in the environment during any product unloading operation.

Food sector

Cereal malting systems – Flour treating, mixing and weighing systems – Stainless steel machines for product treatment for human use


Cleaning – Dying – Mechanization – Storage and ventilation – Customized solutions – Accessories and components – Turnkey solutions

Industrial sector

Fertilizer, cereal and mineral treatment systems – Logistics and intermodal transport for port and rain structures – Personalized plants for ship and train unloading – Bucket elevators, with capacity up to 650 t/h – Belt and chain conveyors, with capacity up to 1000 t/h – Self-propelled and self-filtering hoppers – Drum Coating – Pre-cleaning for ship unloading, from 1000 t/h – Receiving system with fast loading, and conveyor for transport to the warehouse.