Z Matik – Asiatic Edition

Z Matik – Asiatic Edition

The company Z.matik boasts forty-year experience in the production of machinery for the bakery and pastry sectors, in particular of manual pastry machines, croissant pastry machines, working tables, planetary machines, mixing machines and cutting rolls, in stainless steel Aisi 304.

Owing to accurate material selection, Z.matik guarantees sturdiness and user friendliness in every kind of machine it produces.

Functionality, sturdiness and user-friendliness are essential elements in Z.matik sheeters, whose versatility makes them suitable for small- and medium-sized bakery and pastry shops. Materials used and minimum maintenance necessary for good results make Z.matik sheeter a sound and inexpensive collaborator.

The company offers today the new thickness detector, the new optional that enables regulating the lowering of the calibrating cylinders to accurately measure dough thickness.

The automatic sheeter that completes the range of sheeters is now available in three versions, such as: SF6514A (650×1400 mm), SF6516A (650×1600 mm) and SF6520A (650×2000 mm). 

On the other hand, the curling unit AVV.200 has been designed to operate with sheeters, benches and croissant processing units as to make the curling of empty croissants easier. 

Zeus is a planetary mixer completely made of paint metal. Tools and grid are in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable for food contact. Solid and little noisy is suitable for small and medium-sized laboratories for the production of doughs and creams of various types, sweet or savoury. The machine is suitable emulsion, beating, kneading and mixing. The capacity of the tank is 40, 60 or 80 litres. Each model is available in two variants: 3-speeds or inverter.

Z.matik is TÜV SÜD – ISO 9001 certified.