SIMA – Arabic Edition

SIMA – Arabic Edition

Solidity, innovation, methodology, and authenticity: this is S.I.M.A.

S.I.M.A. was set up in 1980 as an agro-industrial assembler by its two founders, Emilio Menegon and Ezio Fabris. They soon decided to specialise in the design and construction of small, medium and large turnkey systems for storing cereals, legumes and flour.

Over the years, it has changed from a small-sized artisan business to a structured company with a sales network that enables it to be present all over the world. S.I.M.A. stands out for being founded on simple, solid values kept alive by the moral integrity of its founders and by all the people who have worked in SIMA over the years.

Thanks to a technical organisation capable of meeting the increasingly strong demands of the market and production needs, and to specialised personnel able to follow all the processing phases, the company now offers innovative and flexible design for the most functional and suitable solutions. 

2020 was a challenging year, but the company got over it maintaining positive all its economic indicators and confirming a turnover consistent with previous year averages, unlike the global economic situation.

The most important challenge nowadays is the ability to manage and contain the continuous increase in raw material prices, rising considerably in our sector. However, its small, flexible size has proved to be a strong point enabling the company to handle situations competitively and effectively. Responding fast to new market needs, guaranteeing customers quality and reliability, which have always set S.I.M.A. apart.

It is difficult historical-economic times like these that help S.I.M.A. not to lose sight of its cornerstones: innovative, tailored solutions meeting specific customer needs are the most rewarding part of S.I.M.A.’s work, because they enhance its experience and craftsmanship. 

Agriculture as a restart, as a certainty, as S.I.M.A.


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