Pietribiasi Michelangelo – Asiatic Edition

Pietribiasi Michelangelo – Asiatic Edition

Pietribiasi Michelangelo Srl was established between the end 1960 and the beginning of the next decade.

From the beginning the family-run company specialized in the construction of equipment for the dairy industry and developed later into the field of soft drinks, juices and beverages in general. Today, the Pietribiasi name is among the more well-known in the dairy and beverages sector and the company is internationally acknowledged, particularly in the realization of “turn-key” projects regarding process of liquid foods. 

Looking more closely at the company’s product ranges, the Pietribiasi division covers the research, project design and supply of complete systems for the process of milk (HTST – ESL – UHT), cream – fermented products from milk process (yoghurts in the various known versions, sour cream, Smetana, kefir, labneh, etc.), fresh soft cheeses, as well semi and hard cheeses, “pasta filata-pizza cheese” (such as mozzarella, caciocavallo, etc.) and other products processed from cow, sheep and goat milks.

Pietribiasi Michelangelo is also very well-known for its ice cream mix preparation and pasteurization plants.

In this field the company has wide experience and can cover all equipment needs from small to bigger plants for the production of pasteurized drinking milk, yoghurt, different kinds of cheese, butter, etc. 

Complete equipment means starting from milk receiving or recombination to final product including packaging. The same for juice processing, from juice preparation to filling.

Pietribiasi designs and produces plate and tubular heat exchanger for pasteurization and thermal treatment (cooling and/or heating) of different liquid foods (milk, cream, ice-cream mix, fruit juice, eggs mixture, beer, wine, and many others). Skid mounted pasteurizers can be completed with degassing unit, separator, homogenizer.

In the beverage field, the range includes pre-mix units, sugar dissolving systems, filters, mixing and storage tanks as well as of course the complete thermal treatment up to the filling.

These kinds of plants are “tailor-made” and designed according to customer’s specific demands.

The company is also renowned and appreciated for following products: Batch pasteurizers; discontinuous cream pasteurizers; butter churns (available in a wide range of models from 20 L to 3000 L total capacity); semi-automatic butter forming machines.

Its fifty-year experience in the food-stuff field, its long-lasting cooperation with many European organizations and companies, the specialized knowledge in these processing fields, equipment and technologies, skilled level of staff operating in Pietribiasi, a flexible and friendly management and lead of company by ownership, are the powerful basis of the success of Michelangelo Pietribiasi company.